Shiksha-Manobiggyan by Pramodbandhu Sengupta ebook pdf

Shiksha-Manobiggyan by Pramodbandhu Sengupta ebook pdf.

The book ‘Education-Psychology’ is written by Professor Promodbandhu Sengupta.
The book Name: Shiksha-Manobiggyan (Education-Psychology),
The book format – PDF file.
Number of pages – 622.

Professor Promod Bandhu Sengupta is a prominent professor at Krishnachandra College in Birbhum district of West Bengal.

The book Shiksha-Manobiggyan (Education-Psychology) is the second paper of education for three year undergraduate students according to the syllabus of the three year degree course of the universities of West Bengal.

This book has been written with the help of some special authors. Books written by psychologists such as James, Ross, Gates, Stafford, Woodward, and Boarding have been used in this context. Moreover, all the authors who have already written Bengali textbooks on educational psychology have also received help from their books.

Psychology The theoretical science of organism’s behavior analyzes, classifies, determines and explains the nature, rules, causes, and consequences of mental processes based on organism’s behavior, and describes the physiological processes associated with mental processes.

The English word education is derived from the word “educare”. Educare means mastering techniques or gathering information.
In ancient times, the information that people gathered to prepare for the struggle of life was called this ancient interpretation of education. In the present general sense, education is considered to be the right form of education. By education, the common people understand the knowledge of books acquired in schools or other educational institutions. In other words, the experience or information that we get with the help of books is education.
By education in this sense we prepare the student for a particular social or economic purpose. Needless to say, this is the narrow meaning of education. This education is limited to a particular level of human life.
But the nature of education is not rooted in this narrow sense of education. The scope of education is equivalent to lifelong education. Lifelong learning agrees with science. The broader meaning is that new life experiences change our behavior. In this broad sense There is no fault in being educated even if there is no birthright for every human being, so there is no human being who is educated and uneducated in a broad sense. World nature is the only teacher and every human child is a lifelong student.

Education in the broadest sense supports the development of human life. As soon as a child is born on earth, the game of development begins in his life and ends with the birth of a child in death. Ashes in death It is important to note that change in behavior Education in that experience but that change should be ethical, desirable in human life, helpful in achieving social norms, lying, stealing, deception, etc. Criminal experience also changes our life and helps us to behave in practice. I can’t.

In fact, education is not the only purpose of preserving the existence of the individual and the society. One of the functions of the nature and education of the individual and the society is to regulate the behavior of the individual according to the ideals of the individual and society.

The nature of educational psychology is not distinct from general psychology. The application of the principles of psychology in the field of education has led to the emergence of individual educational psychology. In fact education-psychology is a special branch of psychology. By education we mean a meaningful and integrated change in human behavior, and we call psychology our behavioral science.
Different psychologists have given different definitions of psychologists and there is considerable disagreement among psychologists about the exact association of psychology.

So we think this book is suitable for gaining a better understanding of our psychology. By reading this book, it is possible to know about psychology and different aspects and topics of psychology.
So we have given the PDF file of the book Shiksha-Manobiggyan (Education-Psychology) on this web-page.
You can read and collect the book from our website. Below is the link to the collection of the book.

Shiksha-Manobiggyan (Educational-Psychology) PDF file.

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