Meghla Dupur Romantic Novel by Pratibha Basu PDF

Meghla Dupur Romantic Novel by Pratibha Basu PDF.


The name of the novel – Meghla Dupur.
The Romantic Novel has written by Pratibha Basu.
Category of novels – Romantic novels.

Writer Pratibha Basu has written the romantic story Meghla Dupur. This romantic story is written about a famous Bangladeshi writer Nishith Roy.
Nishith Roy went to marry Malati for the first time in her life. The light flickered, the flute sounded, Mala-chandan fell and Nishith Roy sat down to get married. It started playing conch shells, chanting mantras, the hue and cry of the people around the wedding house. The bride and groom are eating and drinking. Meanwhile, some young men and women are busy entertaining each other, telling each other their love stories, holding each other’s hands, some are kissing each other’s cheeks and some are sitting alone thinking and watching various scenes of the wedding house.

The special episode of marriage has already ended. As Nishith Roy’s wedding was over, he went outside to smoke a cigarette. There was an impossible noise going on at the wedding, and Nishith came to the small open verandah behind the bathroom, looking for a little relative solitude. Dark night. He looked up at the sky as if it had risen in his chest and threw away a half-cigarette, and when he was stunned, he stood at the window.

Thinking about various things, he thought that he should have thought a little more before going to an extreme decision like marriage. If this had come to her mind just before the wedding, maybe she would have got up from there. There would have been scandals, but he would not have had the responsibility. Milli would be sorry. But I have given sorrow to someone else. And Millie’s grief may be the first of its kind. Suddenly she tried to find some peace by thinking of Millie’s beautiful face surrounded by red tuktuk with sandalwood. Milli was beautiful, and her beautiful face overwhelmed her. One would have thought that he would one day have full rights over that face if he did not get married.

After thinking about various things, he came home at night. When he came home, he saw that his relatives had gathered with Mili. Seeing him, the new relatives shouted and took Nishith by the hand and sat him down next to Milli. Nishit sits quietly. In my mind, Milli was anxious to get married, desperate. I felt in my mind again, it was a long night for those who had been wanting for so long, not for love. Relatives tried to find a place to spend the night. Many nights the house was deserted. Millie came over and said, you show up. I leave the line.

Nishith turned off the light and lay down. Mangalpradeep began to burn on Kulo. How did the small flame of Pradeep rise in his chest again in the dim light. After a while, Millie came and sat next to him, but Nishit fell asleep due to the stress of this marriage all day long. Nishith tries to hug Milli, but Milli doesn’t catch him easily and says in a haughty voice, “Everyone is saying you’re too serious.” Why? Isn’t it a pity to get married? Nishith staggered up. Alas! What a pity? Speaking of which, Nishith strongly attracted Milli. Overcoming all obstacles, Nishith pressed her lips to Milli’s red tuktuk with her beautiful lips.

There is no species of love. There is no comparison to love. There is no morning-noon-night of love. Love is a spiritual matter of the heart and mind which comes from the heart, from the heart. Who has no race, no religion, no hatred – there is only life-giving love. Unconditional heartfelt love for each other.

Writer Pratibha Basu has written this beautiful romantic novel. Of course readers will like it. So on this page the link to the PDF file of the book is given.

PDF file of Meghla Dupur romantic novel.

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