Jatri Novel by Rabindranath Tagore PDF

Jatri Novel by Rabindranath Tagore PDF.

Name of Book – Jatri (Yatri),
Author – Rabindranath Tagore,
Genre – Travel Books,
Format – PDF,
Pages – 339,
PDF Size – 8 MB,

Jatri Novel by Rabindranath Tagore
Rabindranath Tagore wrote the Travel novel Jatri (Yatri).

We know, Rabindranath Tagore is a great poet of bengali literature in India. He has written many songs on various topics. His songs are famous worldwide. He won the Nobel prize for his notable works Gitanjali poetry. He received invitations from many countries for his remarkable writings and so he traveled many countries. He was invited from South America to their 100 years celebration. He describes his tours to difference countries in this travel book.

The PDF file of Yatri novel written by poet Rabindranath Tagore is given in this web page. The novel Jatri is based on various travel stories of poet Rabindranath Tagore. He was invited to various countries as a poet and writer. In this book, he has beautifully described the important expeditions of various places during the journey. In this book, he has highlighted the various experiences of his life in different countries.

What is the name of famous book of Rabindranath Tagore?

Rabindranath Tagore became famous as a world poet after receiving the Nobel Prize. His songs are still brilliant today. In this novel, the ups and downs of human life flow, happiness-sadness, joy-sadness, hatred-love etc. have been presented to the readers in the light of the various experiences of traveling abroad. One of his beautiful quotes mentioned in this book is – “The shadowy sadness in me today in the darkness of this cloud is a form of that confusion. Men have virility, and women have sweetness, this saying is common in all countries. We have added another word to it.  We say that there is goodness in women. All the arrangements of events, all the omens that herald auspicious beginnings, in our country rest on the women. In feminine energy we feel the union of sweetness and goodness”.

Why is Rabindranath Tagore called the world poet?

I know that mother’s blessings are much more powerful than father’s during journey abroad. It seems as if the prayers of the girls are rising from inside the house to the gods, like the smoke of fragrant incense from the censer. That prayer in their vermilion drops, in their conch, in their yellow rich conch sound, in their expressed and unexpressed wishes. Sister’s give Bhai-phota on the brother’s forehead. As we know, it was Savitri who brought her husband back from death. It is not only the happiness of a man in the love of a woman, but also his welfare.

That is, we understand in a way that love is not just a feeling of the heart, it is a force, like force is the gravity of the world. He is everywhere. The love of girls can easily shake that world power. The power of love in Vishnu’s nature that sustains the world is Lakshmi, Vishnu’s lover. The idea we have about Lakshmi we see directly in the ideal of women.

When did poet Rabindranath Tagore get the Nobel Prize?

Beauty in Lakshmi is a sign of perfection. Beauty does not appear as long as there is doubt in creation. Beauty emerges only when harmony is complete.

In one word, this travel novel by poet Rabindranath Tagore is a very heartwarming book. There is no doubt that the novel will stir the hearts of the readers. So the pdf file of the novel Yatri is provided on this web page for the readers. Readers can collect the pdf file of the book ‘Yatri’ from this website and read it online.

Jatri (Yatri) Novel book PDF file.

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