Banglar Itihas by Prabhas Ch Sen PDF

Banglar Itihas by Prabhas Ch Sen Bengali ebook PDF.

Name of Book – Banglar Itihas,
Author – Prabhas Chandra Sen,
Genre – Historical Book,
Book Pages – 596,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 20 MB,

Banglar Itihas written by Prabhas Ch Sen

Prabhas Chandra Sen wrote the Historical Book Banglar Itihas.

Author Prabhas Chandra Sen was a resident of Maheshpur village in Bogura district of East Pakistan, now part of Bangladesh. He was born in 1284 Bengali 21 Bhadra (1877 AD). Later they started living in Bogura city. After the partition of the country on August 15, 1947, the terrible communal riots in East Pakistan gradually increased, making it impossible for the minority Hindus there to live with dignity and security. In that case they were not left out, as a result they left their ancestral home and moved to Kolkata on 14th August 1950.

Where Prabhas Chandra Sen was born?

He attended a reputed school and college in Bogura, East Pakistan, and passed his LAW. After passing the LAW, he used to practice in Bogura. At the age of 73, the writer left their real life and moved to Kolkata. Besides advocating in Bogura, he was involved in historical research.

In 1912, the first edition of ‘Bogurar Itihas’ (History of Bagura) was published by Rangpur Sahitya Parishad, one of the branches of Bengali Sahitya Parishad. Then in 1922 AD, the first volume of ‘Barendra Kahini’ was published. In 1923, the Barendra Research Society published its book ‘Mahasthan and its Environs’. His book ‘Sri Krishna Tattva’ was published in the same year. He has long been associated with historical research and the practice of history.

Why Prabhas Chandra Sen left their ancestral home and moved to Kolkata?

After coming to Kolkata he continued to publish historical articles and essays on his earlier experiences in various monthly magazines. His articles on the ancient era of Bengal were published continuously in the magazine ‘Bishwabani’. During this time he was inspired by his best known Radharaman Babu to write a comprehensive history of Bangladesh. And it was with that inspiration that he wrote the historical book Banglar Itihas (History of Bengal).

As a result of writing history, people can know the stories and events of their old days. The author has beautifully analyzed the ancient and modern political and natural geographical conditions of Bengal in the book History of Bengal. A detailed analysis of Bengali ethnological identity and brief discussion on the origin of man, the evolution of human civilization and the original abode of the Aryans.

What is the notable works of Prabhas Chandra Sen?

There are various opposing theories about the origin of the Aryan race. The author has presented various evidences in favor of the first development of the Aryan civilization on the banks of the Saraswati River in India. In this book he briefly described the western scientific doctrine about human expression.

The interest and strong desire to know about ancient times is innate in human society. History is created as a result of the strong desire of modern people to know about the primitive times. All the ways that people have adopted from ancient times to know about their own time in the future by painting statues and temples and writing in letters are the main materials of history.

What is the famous historical book of Prabhas Chandra Sen?

People can know ancient history because the people of ancient times have left evidence of history in one way or another. People want to see themselves in the past, touch the future. History is the main means of satisfying this eternal interest of man. The task of the historian is to select and apply the material to the scientific eye of the audit survey.

As a result of archaeological excavations and research by many foreign and native scholars of the present day, many ancient cities and inscriptions, coins, idols, temple scripts, ruling scripts, pillar scripts, etc. have been discovered and deciphered and interpreted. The writings of ancient foreign travelers and historians and the publication of Sandhyakar Nandi’s historical poetry have paved the way for the history of our ancient era. The author has analyzed the subject beautifully in this book.

So for the readers, researchers, students the pdf file of historical book Banglar Itihas is provided on this web page. Readers can download the PDF file of the book of Prabhas Chandra Sen from this webpage and read it online.

Banglar Itihas (History of Bengal) PDF file.

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