Uttarbanger Itihas by Sukumar Das PDF

Uttarbanger Itihas by Sukumar Das Historical Book PDF.

Name of Book – Uttarbanger Itihas (History of North Bengal),
Author – Sukumar Das,
Genre – Historical Book,
Book Pages – 258,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 9 MB,

Uttarbanger Itihas by Sukumar Das pdf

Sukumar Das has written the Historical Books Uttarbanger Itihas.

The historical book Uttarbanger Itihas (History of North Bengal) is written by author Sukumar Das. The book Uttarbanger Itihas (History of North Bengal) is a serial history based on North Bengal. This book has been written based on the topics discussed in the period from about 10 thousand BC to 1982 AD in the efforts of the writer Sukumar Das. The author has beautifully analyzed in this book that North Bengal was once a wandering land of humans and primitive humans. North Bengal was the meeting-ground of the influx of human species after the Fourth Ice Age. North Bengal, which has resisted Arya-imperialism for millennia through the ancient Dravidian monarchy, has progressed through the historical period with a clear historical record.

Is North Bengal the meeting-ground of human species flows after the fourth ice age?

From the soil of North Bengal, which once controlled the core history of Bengal for almost the entire ancient and medieval period, from the capital in marginal North Bengal, North Bengal adjacent to the Himalayas and western Assam came to be ruled from the thirteenth century to the pre-British era, ironically, a continuous and comprehensive North Bengal. History is not yet written. As a result, for very natural reasons, North Bengal is still identified with the false identity of a dark, disreputable town to the common educated Indians.

Outside the general history of Bengal, the history of marginal North Bengal was flowing in its own unique way, not only characterized by the peaceful intermingling and cultural integration of people, but also the history of its historical episodes is much more important and glorious than the general history of Bengal. Far more significant and novel, far more brilliant in excellence and full of instructive illustrations. Author Sukumar Das has described the above topic perfectly in this book.

Where is the place called ‘North Bengal’ located in India?

This ‘History of Northern Bengal’ by the author is short, but coherent and presents each Yoga and its original conceptual totality. From that point of view, the history of North Bengal is complete in this book. Readers, researchers and students will find his old and mistaken beliefs about the wider North Bengal dispelled and will automatically pass into the new experience where the public life and political evolution of North Bengal is marked by a much more glorious excellence than that of Indian history. We have never found such a perfect analysis of the history of North Bengal published before. Students, researchers and readers will find this book invaluable.

So for the readers the pdf file of historical book Uttarbanger Itihas (History of North Bengal) written by historian Sukumar Das is provided on this web page. Readers can download the PDF file of the book from this webpage and read it online.

Uttarbanger Itihas (History of North Bengal) pdf file.

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