Katha O Kahini Poetry Book by Rabindranath Tagore PDF

Katha O Kahini Poetry Book by Rabindranath Tagore PDF

Book name – Katha O Kahini, (words and stories) ,
Author – Rabindranath Tagore,
Category – Bengali Poetry Book,
Book Size – 4 MB,
Book Format – PDF,
Book Pages – 179,

Katha O Kahini Poetry Book by Rabindranath Tagore PDF.

World Poet Rabindranath Tagore has written the book Katha O Kahini. All the Buddhist stories narrated in this book have been taken from the English book on Nepali Buddhist literature compiled by Rajendralal Mitra. Rajput stories are collected from Todd’s Rajasthan and Sikh accounts, one-two, of English Sikh history. Some differences between these poems and the actual text can be noticed, but hopefully this change will not be considered punishable under the literary provisions. Poet Rabindranath Tagore wrote the book of Katha O Kahini with a number of special poems. Although the two books of Katha O Kahini (words and stories) are separate, the two books are said to be composed of poems, so the two Poetry books have been published together.

Some notable works of Poet Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore caused a stir all over the world through his poetry Gitanjali and introduced the Bengali language to people all over the world. No one has already been able to show this unique pattern in Bengali literature. He was the first Indian poet to receive the Nobel Prize. He has written thousands of songs, poems, novels, stories and plays.

Rabindranath Tagore’s works include thirteen novels, 52 books of poetry, 38 plays, 36 essays and a collection of other stories published during his lifetime and after his death.

The two Poetry Books Katha O Kahini have been published together. There are 25 poems in ‘Katha poems book’ and nine poems in Kahini Poems book. Below are all the poems that the book has been written about.

These are the poems in the Katha Poetry Book:

Katha Kou Katha Kou, Shreshtha Viksha, Pratinidhi, Brahmin, Mastak Bikray, Pujarini (priestess), abhisar, Parishodh (payment), Samanya Kshati (little loss), Mulya Prapti (price gain), Nagaralakshmi, Apaman (insult), Swami Labh (husband gain), sparshamani, Bandibir, Mani, Pratidan, Prathanatit Daan (Prayerless Gift), Raj Bichar,’ Guru-Govinda, Shesh Shiksha, Horikhela, Bivah, Bicharak and Panaraksha etc.

These are the poems in the Kahini Poetry Book:

kato Ki Je Ase (How much does that come), Ganbhanga (Song break), Puratan Vritya (Old servant), Dui Bigha Jami (Two bighas of land), Devotar Gras, Nisfal Upahar (Fruitless gift), Dindan, Bisarjan (Abandonment), Juta Abiskar (Shoe Discovery),

For many years, the book of Katha O Kahini (words and stories) has been especially acceptable to the readers and still attracts them in that way. That is why the PDF file of the book Kotha O Kahini has been given on this web page with the readers in mind. Readers can easily collect and read the book from this web page.

The Poetry Book Katha O Kahini PDF.

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