Rammohan Rachanabali Edited by Dr Ajit Kumar Ghosh PDF

Rammohan Rachanabali PDF by Dr. Ajit Kumar Ghosh.

Name of Book – Rammohan Rachanabali,
Author – Raja Ram Mohan Roy,
Edited by Ajit Kumar Ghosh,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 33 MB,
Book Pages – 778.

Dr. Ajit Kumar Ghosh has edited the Rammohan Rachanabali.

The book Rammohan Rachanabali has been edited and translated by Dr. Ajit Kumar Ghosh.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy, the pioneer of the modern age in India, has left an indelible mark on the history of India with the influence of his extraordinary wisdom and energy. He suddenly brought medieval India to the doorstep of the modern age. Removing the veil of inertia accumulated for many years, Mukti illuminated all around with the light of the sun and opened the blocked window of immobility and let the free air of the outside world enter into it. His works were limited to his contemporaries, but his writings are a testament to his immortality and contemplation. They are the eternal wealth of the nation, from which progressive and liberating people have always been inspired.
On the occasion of the 200th birth anniversary of Rammohan, he has been discussed in various meetings and committees and the desire to know and read about Rammohun has naturally increased among the people. Inspired by the great desire to fulfill the wishes of the people and to fulfill his duty towards Rammohan, the author made this book available to all.

The main part of Rammohans’ works is found in two parts in “Rammohan Rachanabali“. The second part is the ‘Appendix’. The second part contains bibliography, biography, major events of Rammohans’ life, contemporary events, bibliography, quotes of other scholars about Rammohan, notable books written on Rammohan, translation of his Sanskrit works, essays by dissidents and selected English essays.

In his writings, Rammohan has expressed Rammohan’s ultimate advice through some famous writings – ‘Give peace to the world man’.

In order to develop mankind, different social reformers at different times have adopted different doctrines in order to manage human society like them.
Dharmaguru ‘Sekheb’ has no value in many hypocritical works. Give peace to the hearts of the people, – this is the only spiritual advice.

In short, the deceivers of the common people of the human race can be divided into two categories, namely, –
Firstly, a class of people can be called cheaters who deliberately propagate various doctrines, religions and beliefs in order to attract people to their party, harass people and create divisions among them.
Secondly, another class of people can be said to be deceived, who join the group of many others without knowing any truth.
Thirdly: A class of people who are deceitful and deceived believe in the words of others and persuade others to grasp them as well.
Fourth: Those who are neither deceived nor deceived by the grace of God. “Do not try to harm anyone and do whatever you like, because we have no other sin than to harm others” (Hafez).
These few small and necessary words of this poorest God-believer have been written without looking at the prejudice or bigotry of any man, only in the hope that the people of sound mind will give truth and vision here. Another of the author’s works, “Discussions on Various Religions”, contains a detailed discussion on this subject.
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Rammohan Rachanabali PDF

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