Sukumar Rachanabali Edited by Prafulla Kumar Patra PDF

Sukumar Rachanabali edited by Prafulla Kumar Patra PDF.

Book – Sukumar Rachanabali,
Edited – Prafulla Kumar Patra,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 29 MB,
Book Pages – 664.

Sukumar Rachanabali edited by Prafulla Kumar Patra PDF

Prafulla Kumar Patra has edited the entire book “Sukumar Rachanabali” in one volume. Sukumar Roy was born in 1887. The father was Upendrakishore Roy and the mother’s name was Bidhumukhi Devi. Her mother was the first daughter of Dwarkanath Gangopadhyay.
Sukumar Roy was the eldest son. There is no comparison to the wonderful juice that he has created in his short life of just 36 years. He had an incredible talent for linguistics, and his pairing of paintings matched those of the sultans. Once you hear it, everyone can remember that humor is created in your mind. This wonderful writing is actually the best teaching rule. His only famous child is the world famous filmmaker Satyajit Ray who is known to everyone in the world today.
He studies began in Calcutta. Apart from the two children’s works published in Mukul Patrika, there is no precedent in Sukumar Roy’s literary works as a student. Within days of leaving college, a club called Nonsense was established. The first glimpse of Sukumar Roy’s humor is found in the pages of the magazine “Jhalapala” and “Lakshner Shaktishel” written for the club consisting of relatives and friends.
In 1911, five years after passing his BSc with Double Honors in Chemistry and Physics, Sukumar Roy went to Billet for higher studies in the printing industry. At that time Rabindranath Tagore appeared in the billet with his manuscript of Gitanjali in English. Thanks to his father’s friend, Sukumar Roy had no difficulty in communicating with Rabindranath Tagore. He was able to approach him very easily.
In May 1913, Upendrakishore published Sandesh Patrika, shortly after which Sukumar Roy returned to the country and his writings and pictures began to be published in Sandesh Patrika. But sadly, when Upendrakishore died in 1915 at the age of just 52, the task of editing Sandesh fell on President Sukumar Roy. And within a few days, Sukumar Roy’s children’s literature began to grow day by day. As impressive as it is tempting.
None of his works were published during his lifetime. His first published book, Abol Tabol, was published exactly nine days after his death.

At a very young age, Sukumar Roy has given many stories, essays, plays and innumerable gifts to the readers of Bengal. He wrote many stories like pearls and many plays as bright as crystals. He also wrote many other essays of various kinds.
This book “Sukumar Rachnabali” is published with famous poems and stories written by Sukumar Roy.

Such as Abol Tabol, Kath-Buro, Satpatra, Khichuri, Baburam Sapure, Larai, Chayabaji, Bhuture, Chor Dhara, Ekushey Ain, Megh etc. The biographical essays that he wrote are also highlighted in this book.
So there is no doubt that this book will be appreciated by the readers as a unique book. So we are given to go to the PDF file of the book Sukumar Rachnabali on this website.

Readers can easily read this book by collecting PDF files.

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