Brahmasutra by Ramanuja Religious book

Brahmasutra by Ramanuja Bengali Religious book pdf.

Book Name – Brahmasutra (Vedanta Darshan),
Author – Ramanuja,
Language – Bengali,
Genre – Religious Book,
book format – pdf,
Book Pages – 464,

Brahmasutra by Ramanuja

Brahmasutra (Vedanta Darshan) Vol -1 written by author Ramanuja.

Brahmasutra (Vedanta Philosophy) is the first book written by author Ramanuj. and translated by Jatindra Ramanujacharya. Ramanuja was a Philosopher as well as a theologian. He had great expertise on various subjects of Hinduism and especially on the Vedas. He was born in 1017 AD in Tamil Nadu, South India. Ramanuja’s Vedanta philosophy is known as Vishistadvaitavada.

He went to Kanchi as a child to learn Vedas from Guru Yadav Prakash. Ramanuja undertook three special tasks as directed by the Guru. He left home and took initiation from a monk named Jyotiraj at Srirangam. He authored many books but two of his most popular commentaries on the Brahmasutra were the Sribhashyam and the Vedanta collection.

Who was Ramanuja? Why he famous?

Many Acharyas have commented or explained the Brahma Sutras edited by Bhagavan Badarayana, who have prepared and explained the sutras in favor of their own doctrine or the doctrine which they like or the doctrine which they consider to be reasonable. Among those interpretations, Sri Shankara’s Bhagavatpada physical commentary and Bhagavadramanujacharya’s Sribhasya are the most famous. Among these, monism is supported by Shankarabhasha. And Sri Bhasyakara has explained the Brahmasutra according to Vishishtadvaitava.

Long before the advent of Lord Shankaracharya, Advaitaism has been extensively discussed and supported by many arguments in the Brahmakanda of the well-known Acharya Bhattriharikrit’s ‘Vakyapadiya’ and in Gaurapadacharya’s interpretation of the ‘Mandukya-Upanishad’ called ‘Mandukyakarika’. To know various facts about Brahmasutra, one must know what is Advaitaism and Dualism.

What is the essence of monism?

The main point of Advaitism is that according to it duality i.e. multiple substances is not recognized i.e. multiple substances are not transcendental truths. The only Nirguna independent Satchit Ananda svarupa Brahman is the Supreme Truth not identical to many – Jiva and Siva (Brahman) are identical. Ved Prati is ignorant. That which is never hindered by past, present and future – whose falsity is not proved is Paramarthsat i.e. Paramarthic Truth.

Brahma alone is pure-mind-blissful; Apart from that, whatever material appears indirectly or indirectly, it will fly away immediately, that is, sooner or later. It will be assumed that it did not actually exist in the past. For example, rope, snake, Shakti, silver, etc. are metaphorical or natural only as long as they are represented. They were neither before nor after. For this reason they are called ‘local substances’.

Who is God according to Ramanujacharya?

Hinduism, the Vedic religion, is based on Shadarshana. Gautama’s Nyaya, Kanada’s Vaishayika, Kapil’s Samkhya, Daimini’s Karmavimansa, Patanjali’s Yogadarshan and Bandhan Das’s ‘Janma Abhimansa’ or Vedanta philosophy are the six ‘Shaddarshans’. These six philosophies have different doctrines about conscious matter and unconscious matter. Various Upanishads were composed with the teachings of the Brahman theory witnessed by various enlightened male sages. Many people think that information is just boring and boring.

Again, many people think that in Vedanta only nirguna formless existence is discussed. In fact, both ideas are not correct. Vedantic content is not understandable but not incomprehensible.

Once you get into the subject it is juicy and enjoyable. The Upanishads also discuss the Brahman theory of Saguna and Shakya. Vedanta Darshan is the knowledge of the existence of the Supreme Consciousness Brahmavastu and the exponent of His universality.

Who is Ramanujacharya related to?

Another name for the Brahma Sutra or  Vedanta Darshan (Vedanta philosophy) is the physical-Mimamsa Shastra. The name of this body is the body, and the name of the organism with the body is the body. And the blissful Brahman of this jiva or body is called the physical. Or both this body and the living being that possesses the body are the body of the Supreme Soul and therefore the Supreme Soul or Brahman is the body.

About this Brahman or sari, the author of the Shastra is called the Physical Shastra. The scriptures in which these physical objects have been judged or resolved are called physical resolution scriptures. In this physical mimansashastra, this theory is countered by judging Prakriti and Jivarupa body and Brahman as the body of both.

According to Acharya Ramanuja, as physical Brahman along with physical nature and living beings are determined as the same object, i.e. non-dual, it is said that this physical Mimamsa Shastra has defined Brahman with Chit (Jiva) and Achit (Nature) as Vishishta Dvaita. Disagreement about the nature and nature of this Brahman has led to the development of different doctrines by the Pravarka Acharyas of different sects.

What is Ramanujacharya philosophy?

The monism of Acharyas like Shankara, Bhaskara, Yadavaprakash etc. gave rise to Vishishta dualism of Ramanujacharya, Vedabhedivism of Nimbarkacharya, Shuddhadvaism of Acharya Vishnusami and Vallabhacharya, Dualism of Madhyacharya and Achintyabhedavism of Gaudiya Vaishnavism. The acharyas who promoted the above-mentioned sects have each enriched their respective doctrines by writing a comprehensive explanation or commentary on the Brahmasutras composed by Vedavyas.

Even though the living beings and the world appear to be external to Brahman, they appear false to one who has met Brahman. This is the essence of monism. In short, the writer Shri Jatindra Ramanuja Acharya has written an extraordinary work. He tirelessly learned from experienced Acharyas and Sannyasins and described the sections up to Chatuchasutri of Sri Bhasya which is remarkable.

Only by reading the book will you know the details. So the PDF of the religious book Bramhasutra is provided on this page for the readers. Readers can collect the PDF file of the book from this webpage and read it online.

Brahmasutra (Vedanta Darshan) PDF

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