Upanishader Darshan by Hiranmoy Bandyopadhyay PDF

Upanishader Darshan by Hiranmoy Bandyopadhyay Bengali ebook PDF.

Book – Upanishader Darshan,
Author – Hiranmoy Bandyopadhyay,
Genre – Religious Book,
Book Pages – 193,
Format – PDF,
PDF size – 7 MB,

Upanishader Darshan by Hiranmoy Bandyopadhyay

Hiranmoy Bandyopadhyay wrote religious book Upanishader Darshan (Philosophy of Upanishad).

Author’s submission : Upanishader Darshan (Philosophy of Upanishad)

More than twenty years ago the author wrote a book on Upanishader Darshan (Philosophy of Upanishad). The book was published by the Bengal Philosophical Council. He also had the good fortune to gain respect in the readership. It is to the author’s special satisfaction that his respected Professor Dr. Surendranath Dasgupta read the book and expressed his satisfaction.

Later the book became scarce and he received requests from several places to publish a new edition. Although the author wanted to, he did not get the chance to defend the request until now. His career was burdened with such incessant duties that for a long time there was no such thing as leisure in his life. Recently, as the situation was favorable, he got the opportunity to focus on this issue and published the book.

After examining the book, he determined that minor corrections or changes would not be allowed. In the course of time, fear of new experiences seemed to necessitate a change in his habits. As a result, the book took a completely new form, although the main theme did not change much. The first book was informative. The new book being introduced to the readership is explanatory. The author has tried to make the topic simple and interesting. The philosophy of the Upanishads is intimately connected with the philosophy of Rabindranath. Links to both are shown where appropriate.

Readers read some notable works of Hiranmoy Bandyopadhyay.

The excellence of the Upanishads has attracted the respect of Manisha from Schopenhauer, Deusen, Marmuller, Rabindranath. Period of Upanishads- Vedas Samhat Ghanstha Samhita-Samhita, Brahman, Aranyakas and mutual relationship of Upanishads. Independence of the Atharva Veda. Controversy over the meaning of the Upanishads. The need for coherent interpretation of the Upanishads. Disagreements between different commentaries – the need for interpretation from the original text of the Upanishads.

The Upanishads are wonderful creations of ancient sages : Hiranmoy

The Upanishads are wonderful creations of ancient sages. It produces wonders in many ways. It was born under the shelter of scriptures like the Vedas but showed independent thinking. It is a sign of the first philosophical thought of man. To everyone’s surprise, within its bosom there developed a scientific, rational, optimistic philosophy that has commanded the respect of the people of the world for ages.

Who wrote the religious book Upanishader Darshan?

He-philosophies built with strong logic, he-philosophies were elevated to a dominant vision where grief, heat, passion, death do not reach the noble hand of the soul. Those initiated into that view believed that man was entitled to become the son of Amrita, because they themselves were able to negate the pain of death by practicing Paravidya. That is why the words of the Upanishads became joyful. It declared, “This earth is like honey to all living beings. All living things in this world are honey.”

They said, “The wind blows honey, the river water drips honey”. Medicines are sweet. Diva and Usha Madhumay Haq. Earth’s dust is honey. Our father sky is sweet. Vanaspati, sun and cows are all sweet rights to us.

A more isolated example is found in our country in the works of Rabindranath

They realized a joyous manifestation in the whole world. Hence they described the Supreme Being as “bliss and nectar”. There is not much literature that is filled with such joy. It is very rare. However, a more isolated example is found in our country in the works of Rabindranath. Tao found such ‘clairvoyance’ that human life appeared to him as an “invitation to Ananda Yajna”.

The first book was informative. The dance book that is being placed before the readership is explanatory. Author Hiranmoy Banerjee has tried to make the topic simple and interesting. There is a subtle connection between the philosophy of the Upanishadics and the Philosophy of Rabindranath. Links to both are shown where appropriate.

As the book thus takes on a completely new form, there is not much closeness to the earlier book. That is why the name has been changed to Isha Parivar to indicate its uniqueness. If the book gains respect in the learned society, the author’s efforts will be worthwhile.

The significance of this incident is deep and far-reaching. Its usefulness was not only because it nourished the self-reliance of the Indian people, but also in other ways. Only by reading the book will you know the details. So the PDF of the book is provided on this page for the readers. Readers can collect the PDF file of the book from this webpage and read it online.

Upanishader Darshan (Philosophy of Upanishad) PDF File.

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