Moner Modhye Mon by Chittaranjan Maity

Moner Modhye Mon by Chittaranjan Maity Bengali PDF.

Book – Moner Modhye Mon,
Author – Chittaranjan Maity,
Genre – Romantic Novel,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 10 MB,
Book Pages – 266,

Moner Modhye Mon by Chittaranjan Maity

Chityaranjan Maity wrote the romantic novel Moner Modhye Mon PDF.

The romantic novel Moner Modhye Mon is written by writer Chittaranjan Maity. Chittaranjan Maity was unique among those contemporary writers of Bangladesh and India. The writer brought out the natural variety and romantic stories of Indian village Bengal through his works. Bengali writers and readers were greatly attracted to him by his varied works.

Who wrote the famous novel Moner Modhye Mon?

After writing the novel ‘Kaler Rakhal’ he wrote some more stories and novels. The novel ‘Kaler Rakhal’ greatly attracted the reading community of Bengal. Another famous novel written by him ‘Basanta Bilap’ is recognized as a unique work in Bengali literature. After the publication of Basanta Bilap, there was a great stir in Bengali literature. At that time the novel ‘Andhar Periye’ touched the hearts of Bengali readers.

After the publication of the novel Andhar Periye, author Chittaranjan Maity did not look back. Then every one of his works started influencing Bengali literature like a unique bright astrologer. The writer cemented his place in Bengali literature.

Another Chittaranjan Maity has emerged in the field of literature with a few books already published. Bengali literature has created a stir in each of his works. Children’s literature and translated books are very attractive to the young and teenage readers of Bengal.

Over the years, the author has combined all the novels and poetic dramas published in various magazines based on the story of the epic in the novel ‘Lila Rahasya’. All these works have been beautifully preserved by the skilled artist in his famous novel Leela Rahasya.

The stories that are written in the romantic novel Moner Modhye Mon are Janmanthar, Phera, Annyo Mukh and Alor Thikana etc.

Who wrote the romantic novel Aadhaar Periye?

Jatindramohan Bagchi composed the poem about the heartache of a widowed widow. The writer Jatindramohan Bagchi poem once deeply engrossed the writer’s teenage mind. It was from here that he smelled the heartache of the blind bride in the sweet fragrance of Jharabkul. It was from here that he got the main inspiration to write the novel Aadhaar Periye.

The writer was addicted to travel in his youth. He received a teaching scholarship. So he used to get the opportunity to leave for several consecutive days in summer or puja. On one such travel day, he met a family while taking a long-distance bus from Shimla. Husband wife and gentleman’s young sister-in-law. They were on their way to Kullu Dussehra festival. The bride was beautiful, with a beautiful pair of cloud-shaded goggles on her eyes. Within a short time he realized that the bride was blind.

Who wrote the famous Bengali novel Madhu Madhabi?

But her brilliant behavior at every moment surprised the writer greatly. Beside her sat the charming young sister. She was playing small pranks with her son-in-law. The smile on her lips and the lines on her face showed that the blind bride was enjoying the color jokes of her husband and sister. His famous work ‘Madhu Madhabi’ is a novel with many more stories. The novel ‘Moner Modhye Mon’ will touch the hearts of the readers.

So the pdf file of the romantic novel Moner Modhye Mon is provided on this web page for the readers. Readers can collect the PDF file of the book from this web page and read it online.

Moner Modhye Mon romantic novel PDF file.

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