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Ramnather Prithibi Biography Book by Shyamsundar Basu PDF.

Book Name – Ramnather Prithibi,
Author – Shyamsunder Basu,
Genre – Biography Book,
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Ramnather Prithibi written by Shyamsundar Basu

The novel Ramnather Prithibi is written by Shyamsunder Basu, a prominent writer of Bengali literature.

Author’s note:

The author Shyamsundar Basu went down to find Ramnath Biswas, who knew nothing, and how he felt the ocean-vast gem mine. For almost thirteen years, the impossible insistence on matching that wonderful suppressed light has haunted him. Because, there is a complete lack of easily available information. In this long time lost something very valuable in life.

Who was Ramnath Biswas?

A lot of people have given back to Hela in contempt. The author Shyamsundar Basu did not stop there. Maybe this obstacle made the author’s determination stronger. After the writer felt, there is nothing to be sad about. Because, although very few feel the importance of the work, a few have taken it to heart and helped, unsparingly. The author is eternally indebted to both parties.

Mainly the libraries that have helped shed light – Bangiya Sahitya Parishat, National Library, Chaitanya Library, Rammohan Library, Howrah Batra Public Library and Dhaka Bangla Academy. In addition, the cooperation of the Banyachang villagers is full of simplicity, heart-warming and life-giving!

Who wrote the novel Ramnather Prithibi?

Although the novel ‘Ramnather Prithibi’ is essentially biographical, its style is different and its multifaceted variety is also noteworthy. Now, whether all is well and whether it is interrupted, and whether the appropriate rasa-samudha melody can be sounded or not, that judgment rests in the hands of the kind hearted reader and Mahakal. The author can only wait for the results.

When the great revolutionary leader Ramnath Biswas was born?

We call Rabindranath a cosmopolitan. Let me tell you right. However, he is not alone, there was also a Bengali. He used to say, I am a new worshiper, the goal is only the path. The name of this pilgrim-pathik is Ramnath Biswas. He traveled from one end of the world to the other end of the world with an indomitable courage and a bicycle as vehicle.

He recorded that travel story in many of his books. The novel Turkey built by ‘Kamal Pasha’ was introduced in Ramnath Biswas’s book “Tarun Turki”, which was first found in Bengali. Today China has built a new state since 1949. It was that Ramnath Biswas who first introduced Bengali literature to whom the whole world looks at in awe and respect; In his two books Maran Bijoyi Chin (Death Conquering China) and Lal Chin (Red China).

Who collected a lot of unknown about Ramnath Biswas?

Shyamsunder Basu, the author of this biographical book, has taken great pains to collect information about Ramnath Biswas. He has not only collected various materials from various sources, he has also given his lectures along with the materials in various fields. Even the writer Ramnath Biswas went to Baniachong village of Mashay’s birth place in Sylhet in spite of various adversities.

The hard work and perseverance shown by the author in publishing this book is unparalleled. We have forgotten this pioneer world traveler. The author has collected a lot of unknown information and presented it to us with great effort. It is our firm belief that this gift will be gladly accepted by today’s Bengalis.

Who wrote the book Tarun Turki?

The purpose of leaving the writer’s house was to see the world with two eyes, to make his country known to the world and to know thousands of people from different angles. In this great work, the atmosphere is created to be overwhelmed by countless people, but in the end, everyone is overcome by the indomitable will. After embarking on a tour, he becomes disillusioned and has no choice but to sink his boat in the middle of the river and return home. So naturally Mithar tends to lie.

All are forced to bow down to true hard work. The work that can be highlighted in Ramnather Prithibi book, the enemy also supports it. Standing in the bountiful arena of the world, he was able to declare without hesitation – Ramnath Biswas, the boundless inquisitive, free-spirited and adventurous Bengali hero.

As the old saying goes, when a big man is born, a part of a star falls from the sky, to the ground of the earth. Shakespeare also used this phrase. It is not known whether there was a comet in the sky on the day of Ramnath’s birth. But Dharitridevi must have declared, “Here comes the work of Bengal as a gift”.
With the sweet touch of Hemant, the preparations for the festival are going on from home to home in the village.

The shining sun has caught the bosom of nature with its endless light.

The shining sun has caught the bosom of nature with its endless light. The date was 29th Paush, Friday Bengali 1300 year. On such a day, his team caught the lotus of the mystery of creation. A man of great revolutionary thought was born through the sound of the conch shell. Although it is Friday according to Bengali, as the date of birth is late night, according to English it will be Saturday, 13th January 1894 AD.

Saturday, January 13, 1894. To commemorate this birthday more than a hundred years ago, let’s dig up some events from the dusty pages of the past. Seemingly isolated events may seem like “Dhan Bhante Shiva Geet” but in fact they are valuable documents of that time, that day, which have been placed in the annals of history. The author has brought this biographical magnum opus to the Bengali speaking readers through his untiring labor and help of collaborators for his beloved readers.

So for the readers, the PDF file of Ramnather Prithibi biography book is provided on this webpage. Readers can collect the PDF file of the book from this webpage and read it online.

Ramnather Prithibi novel Pdf file

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