Krishnananda’s Brihat Tantrasar Edited by Sri Rasikmohan Chattopadhyay

Brihat Tantrasar by Srimat Krishnananda Agambagish ebook pdf,

Edited by Shri Rasikmohan Chatterjee,
Translated by Sri Chandrakumar Tarkalankar,
Book – Religious Book Tantra Mantra

Brihat Tantrasar by Srimat Krishnananda Agambagish

Srimat Krishnananda Agambagish‘s Brihat Tantrasar Invaluable book edited by Sri Rasikmohan Chattopadhyay and translated by Sri Chandrakumar Tarkalankar.

At the request of many sports persons, devotees and well-wishers, Srimat Krishnananda Agambagish’s great Tantrasara, edited and published by Sri Rasikmohan Chattopadhyay, has been published considering the features of this large-scale Tantrasara.

In this edition of the Brihat Tantrasar, first all the information of the original text is printed, then a simple pure Bengali translation of that printed original text and compiled from many other proven Tantras and Srimat Krishnananda Agambagish did not mention it in the original text.
Various comments have been published in this book. In fact, the Brihat Tantrasar edited by Rosik Mohan is still in the forefront in Bangladesh due to all these known collections and many more truths.

It has been discussed for the convenience of various activities of devotees and well-wishers. This version of the book Great Tantrasara contains many mantras, idols and charms of gods and goddesses.
The invaluable treasures of many devotees have been revealed in this great Tantrasara text. Edited by the publisher and Rasik Mohan Chatterjee, this book has a unique look and has become very popular among the readers.

Editor Rasik Mohan Chattopadhyay, Vishnu is among the deities in this Tantra scripture, sea in the lake, Ganges in the river, Himalayas in the mountains, Ashvattha in the trees, Indra in the king, Durga in the goddess, Brahman in the caste, Tantrashastra is the chief in the Tantra scriptures. Educated and proficient in this Tantra, many have witnessed the power displayed by the Brahmins in the past. Due to the power of this Tantra Shastra, Yogi Rishi and Tantric mantras in the past have shown the direct form of this Shastra by the action of Vastra and Homadi, even many have become famous as Mahapurusha and Sakshat Shiva etc.

This book deals with creation and destruction, Tantra diagnosis, deity resources, pilgrimage, celibacy, ashram religion, Brahmin’s duties, duties, animal resources, mythology, caste, gender signs, religion and self-determination. Has been described, so it turned out to be an invaluable Tantra.

Many invaluable pieces of information have been beautifully narrated in the Brihat Tantrasar texts and the beautifully translated parts of those narrations have become more acceptable to the readers.

In this regard, in order to make it easily accessible to the readers, we have provided a PDF file of the Brihat Tantrasar text on this web page, so that the readers can easily collect and read it as per their wishes.

Brihat Tantrasar PDF file.

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