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Bakul Katha Hindi and Bengali Novel by Ashapurna Devi PDF.

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The novel Bakul katha is written by author Ashapurna Devi.

Ashapurna Devi was one of the outstanding writers in the part of Bengali literature. In her writings, she paints a realistic picture of twentieth-century Bengali literary society and the way of life and psychology of ordinary women. So every one of his story novels caused a stir in the sky of Bengali literature. To the lovers of Bengali literature, she was a unique writer.
As soon as his novels or stories were published or published in book form, they were admired by readers all over Bengal. Bakul-katha is a story book which will be forever remembered by the literary lovers of Bengal.

Author topic:
Writer Ashapurna Devi was a simple housewife and she became interested in literature from a very young age and was a novice in writing for 50 long years. In the air of Bengal, the readers of Bengali literature were overwhelmed by the passion of his huge literary juice. At present the eternal values ​​of the society have changed. Social mentality has changed human life. At the same time, the writers’ pen and language changes and the method of applying forms, above all, changes the attitude. Through the perfect power of will the author Ashapurna Devi realized a significant place in creative literature. She composed one of the most versatile creative talents in Bengali literature. In which she published 22 novels, a collection of 30 short stories and 62 books for children, so she has a significant contribution and place in Bengali literature.

Ashapurna Devi is one of the most versatile creative writers in Bengali literature. She has published novels, short stories and 62 books for children and has written more than three thousand short stories. She was a prominent novelist in Bengali literature. She received awards and honors from the Government of India and various literary councils.
In 1976, she was awarded the Jnanpith Award and the Padmashri. In 1989, Visva-Bharati University honored him with Desikottam. In 1994, Sahitya Akademi awarded him the highest honor, the Sahitya Akademi Fellowship, for his contribution as a novelist and short story writer, Ashapurna Devi. Patli and Preyasi wrote the novel for adults. This novel created an awakening in the readership at that time.

Discussion of the Novel:

The writers who were born in the middle of the noise of the city-centered writers living in the house at the corner of the crowded street have to compose literature in silence.
Urban writers have to go through the annoying noise of strange words and the around of countless people. All you have to do is struggle with adversity. There are many such writers in the city of Calcutta who have been living on the side of the road for generations. All those writers have had to write in the middle of this crowded street and continue to do so.
But is the environment of absolutely still, quiet, stable rural life conducive to pursuit? Could Anamika Devi have written more high quality if she had got such an environment? Or would have been more thoughtful? Such questions revolve in the minds of writers.
Other city-dwelling poets and writers have the attitude that in the changing colors of life in the city at the moment, literary theory, biological juice, in the endless variety of existing city, inexhaustible material of literature, in the peace of solitude, where the pulse of the city is always hot and lively.
In this way, the book of this beautiful novel is written with answers to various questions.
Author Ashapurna Devi has beautifully presented the biographies of the writers. In this novel, the adventurous reckless face has beautifully narrated the love story of a young man.

The novel Bakul Katha will be appreciated by the readers. The author said in the editorial while publishing this novel in book form, so for the purpose of the readers, the PDF file of Bakul Katha novel has been given on the page of our website.

Readers can easily collect and read the novel Bakul Katha from this webpage if you wish. That is why the link of Bakul Katha PDF Hindi and Bengali file is given for download.

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