Durga-Saptashati Chandi by Kunjalal Bhuti PDF

Durga-Saptashati Chandi by Kunjalal Bhuti PDF.

Book – Durga-Saptashati Chandi,
Author – Kunjalal Bhuti,
Category – Religious Book,
Book Pages – 302,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 5 MB,

Durga-Saptashati Chandi was written by Kunjalal Bhuti.

Durga-Saptashati Chandi Bengali translation volume written by Srikunjalal Mallick (Bhuti). “Durga Saptasati Chandi” has been translated into Bengali by author Shri Kunjalal Mallik and written and published by Shri Kunjalal Bhuti.

The advice of the Sanatan Aryashastras is that under the influence of Brahma’s self-power, this universe and all its entangled stages are gradually observing and consolidating creation. In the imaginary time only a part of his whole energy is awake or active, the remnants remain latent, indistinct or undisturbed. At the time of the cataclysm, the working part rests in a daze. So in the imaginary time Brahma is trying or awake, and in the time of destruction he is said to be inactive or quarrelsome. In the kalpa kale, under the influence of Brahmashakti, the everlasting matter of the innumerable universes and the cosmos, sometimes appearing, sometimes appearing, and sometimes disappearing, is called creation or extinction.

In the kalpabasana, when the vast state of rest is present for the medicine of the action-filling energy, then all the substances and manifestations of the universe are extinct, and only the conscious Brahman self-power is in a state of restlessness, which is called worthy sleep.
Different approaches have been taken in different scriptures to discuss Bengal and its power. That is, in the Vedanta scriptures, Brahma is described as the main and energy as the secondary, and in the Sankhya scriptures, energy is described as the main or nature and the inanimate consciousness or the male who pervades Brahma.

So Brahman and its power are eternal, infinite and inseparable from each other. The expression of one is the expression of the other and the pause of one is the pause of the other. This is why the philosophical poets point to Brahman in the masculine form and Shakti in the feminine form, both as the cause of the unity of the creation of the universe.
How many different effects of intercourse with it are observed in different events of the world in the imaginary time, so all those effects are expressed in its various types of akhand. Bedavasya Maharshi Krishnadvaipayana has written chapters 81 to 13 in the context of the description of the origin of the eighth Manu in the description of the self-written Markandeya Purana Manvantara. There the greatness of that Durga or Chandi Devi is described in detail.

The author of this book has discussed the mystery of Chandi in a beautiful and varied way so the book is sure to be acceptable and appreciated by the readers.
So the PDF file of the book is given on this website and the reader can easily collect and read the book from this page.

Durga-Saptashati Chandi PDF.

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