Ganiter Jadu Science Book by Abdul Quayum PDF

Ganiter Jadu Science Book by Abdul Quayum PDF.

Book name – The Magic of Mathematics,
Author – Abdul Quayam,
Category – Science Book,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 5 MB,
Pages – 181,

Ganiter Jadu Science Book by Abdul Quayum

The book Ganiter Jadu (The Magic of Mathematics) is written by Abdul Quayum.

Author Abdul Quayam has written the book (Ganiter Jadu) Magic of Mathematics about extraordinary science. Abdul Quayum, a famous writer from Bangladesh, has written a wonderful Science book, The Magic of Mathematics. Entertainment in Bengali is an excellent addition to mathematics, which will appeal to readers of any age. The author discusses magic square with magic tricks. As a result, children and teenagers will make many professional and amateur mathematicians interested in this subject. In the last part of this book, the author describes some of the mathematical puzzles with magic tricks and their solution techniques which will surely make the readers of all classes curious about mathematics.
The present world is changing very fast. All over the world, people’s reliance on huge data is increasing. Scientists say that so far life is being influenced and managed by big data. The influential U.S. magazine Foreign Affairs wrote an article in May 203 entitled Care Tech Care Kenneth Courier and Victoria Term Burger de Rise of Data. This book presents a beautiful analysis of how our thinking about the world is being influenced by huge data. There are 1200 exabytes or 10000000000000000000000 data in the world today.

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This huge number is obtained by placing the 18th ghat of ten or 18 numbers one after the other. If expressed in binary numbers, this number would be the sixth power of 1024. The binary number system is called exabyte. How big is such a large number? If this information is kept on a CD and those memories are arranged one after the other, then five pillars can be made from the earth to the moon.
In today’s world almost everything from thinking research and important decision making to daily life depends on these data. Mathematics is needed to use the data. In fact, we are immersed in the world of mathematics. Life is useless without mathematics. The abundance of digitalized money is changing our lives. Bigdata helps us to think and decide about anything. So it is difficult to walk in the present world without at least basic knowledge in mathematics. The magic book of mathematics will arouse the interest of the youth in mathematics and as a result, Bangladesh and the world will develop as intelligent citizens of the future.

Some time ago we talked about Magic Square. So let us know the history of Magic Square. What is Magic Square and why?

The history of Magic Square is at least four thousand years old. Magic Square is said to have been introduced in China 2200 years before the birth of Christ. It was used by Arab astrologers in the ninth century to calculate fortunes. Magic Square spread to the West in the twelfth century. A work of art by the German artist Albrecht Dürer, dated 1514, contains a pattern of magic squares. Magic Square has been practiced since ancient times in the whole of India and also in present day Bangladesh.
In the past, literacy was only taught by reading and writing. In English it was called literacy. But in today’s age of science, literacy alone is not enough. In other words, if the signer is to be completed, he must also know mathematics.
At present, students in various countries are using Magic Square and other mathematical puzzles in schools to arouse students’ interest in mathematics. Apart from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, China and Japan, these can be included in the textbooks in different countries and this is being considered.
We believe that the magic book of mathematics will play a significant role in this regard. Recently, new levels of physical education have been added among school-college students in different countries. Every year, Bangladesh Mathematical Festival and Mathematical Olympiad competitions are organized all over the country. Every year a new generation of science-minded people is emerging. There is no doubt that author Abdul Qayyum’s book on the Magic of Mathematics will make them very interested. Author Abdul Quayum has twice participated in short courses on economics, philosophy, history, science, etc. in the mid-1980s. The author says in his book, Yes, this book will be successful only if the question arises in the mind of the reader. We believe that young people will get immense pleasure by reading this book and finding out the answers to various complex mathematical questions by themselves.

For the readers, therefore, the PDF file of the book Ganiter Jadu (The Magic of Mathematics) is given on this web page. Students, mathematicians and all those interested in mathematics can collect the PDF file of the book from this web page and read it online at will.

PDF file of the book Ganiter Jadu (The Magic of Mathematics).

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