Belur Mather Kali Puja Paddhati by Belur Math Bengali PDF

Belur Mather Kali Puja Paddhati by Belur Math PDF.

Book Name – Kali Puja Paddhati (Kali Puja Methodology) Belur Math,
Festival – Kali Puja Festival (Indian National),
Category – Religious Book,
Book Pages – 83,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF file Size – 7 MB,

Belur Mather Kali Puja Paddhati by Belur Math

Belur Mather Kali Puja Paddhati Religious Book by Belur Math PDF.

The great religious book Belur Mather Kali Puja Paddhati (Kali Puja Methodology of Belur Math) has been written by Belur Math. This Kali Puja method is based on Tantric Krishnananda Agambagish. Kali festival is celebrated according to various religions.

The influence and prestige of Buddhism in Bengal increased from the 8th to the 9th century AD and was finally established during the reign of the Pala kings. Religion Buddhism The Pala kings were able to eradicate Hinduism from all over eastern India. Although there is no mention of idolatry in the early stages of Buddhism, idols of many gods and goddesses later entered the religion. In Bengal, in the Buddhist era, the religion of the common people was changed, but the reform folklore remained. In many cases, various ancient folk deities began to be worshiped here according to the Buddhist Tantra mantra. Mahamaya, Kalitara, Bhadrakali, Rakshakali, Shmashan Kali, Ratanti Kali etc. were worshiped in different parts of India especially in Bengal. In this way Kali Puja has been performed in a very ritualistic manner for ages.

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In the Aryan Hindu era, Shaktirupini appeared as one with the goddess Shaktitattva. In the Buddhist era, those goddesses began to be worshiped according to Buddhism.

After the Pala kings, the ruling power of Bengal came in the hands of the Sen kings. They were fanatical Hindus. It was during their time that the Hindu era began to return to Bengal. And according to Hindu customs, marriage, initiation, puja festival, everything starts to change.
At that time Shankaracharya and his followers planned and were able to drive out the Buddhists. They were assisted by the Sen kings so that they were fully capable of eradicating Buddhism and bringing Hinduism back completely.

Although Chamundacharchika Kali Puja is one of the oldest festivals in Bengal and abroad, it is now celebrated as Kali Puja. In the sixteenth century the provision of Kali Puja is found in the Kali of the writer Kashinath In the text of Saprasabidhi. Later in the seventeenth century, Tantric Krishnananda Agambagish of Navadvipa is considered to be the promoter of Kali idol and Kali worship in Bengal. In the eighteenth century, Krishnachandra Roy, king of Nadia, popularized Kali Puja. At this time Kali Puja continues according to the method of Ramprasad Sen and Krishnananda Agambagish. Kali Puja gained immense popularity in the nineteenth century under the patronage of rich zamindars of Bengal. At present this Kali Puja is a huge festival like Durga Puja and can be seen in almost every house of Bengali.

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PDF file of the book Kali Puja Method of Belur Math.

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