Bangla Chhotogalpa Prasanga O Prakaran by Birendra Dutta

Birendra Dutta wrote Bangla Chhotogalpa Prasanga O Prakaran PDF. 

Name of the book – Bangla Chhotogalpa Prasanga O Prakaran,
Author – Birendra Dutta,
Category – Bengali Novels,
Number of pages – 858,
Composition – PDF,

Bangla Chhotogalpa Prasanga O Prakaran by Birendra Dutta

Birendra Dutta has written the Bangla Chhotogalpa Prasanga O Prakaran novel book.

Author Birendra Dutta has written the book Bangla Chhotogalpa Prasanga O Prakaran (Bangla Short Story Context and Variation). Short story is a new branch of fiction in world literature. The taste of reading short stories is in the hearts of people all over the world. With the passage of time, the size, taste, customs and style of Bengali short stories have changed a bit. As the tastes of the people of the society change over time, new genres, aspirations and longings appear, just like the short stories in many conventional literary and artistic genres, it also brings a variety of tastes which are imprinted in the hearts of the readers with a strange feeling. Writer Birendra Dutta in his book “Bangla Short Story Context and Variation” has introduced some old genres and an extraordinary novelty in reading tastes.

In the 21st century, Bengali short stories have entered almost all branches of various literary works. Such as novels, lyric poems, plays, novella, fable, inkdots, etc., almost everything has taken and he has taken a completely different image. In every country of the world, short stories change in many ways from the moment of his birth. So it is difficult to hold a certain number of short stories.

In the context of this short story, a famous verse of the poet Rabindranath Tagore is very memorable – “Small soul, small pain, small sad words, the subject of the short story will be very simple, and after reading it will feel dissatisfaction in the heart”.  An established local writer has made such a comment that if you want to throw a stone, a good story can be written about the person who will be hit, no matter who he is. All such thoughts tend to bring a body shape to the intangible existence of the short story. That is to say, the subject of the short story is perhaps the vast world, its distorted diverse society and all the variations of human life, both open and secret, and all the depths.

In this book, author Birendra Dutta has given a special explanation of some of the methods related to the genre of short stories, which must be present. The prose that describes the short story will be descriptive and very short and restrained. He also mentions various features of such short stories in this book.

Among the other novels written by the author are: Upanadi and Shakhandi, Shiter Bela (Winter), Bishanna (Sadness), Parabas, Nirjan Darpan (Lonely Mirror), Samudrer Shabda (Sound of the Sea), Samne Judha (War in front), Duranta Hauya (Strong Wind), Upanyas Samagra (Novels) etc.

Some notable works of Author Birendra Dutta and others.

He wrote some great short stories including Bibaha Barshiki (wedding anniversaries),Premer Galpa (love stories), swarachita Galpa (self-written stories), Sahaj Kathin (easy-hard), Madhya Dupur (Mid-afternoon), Jishur Putul (Jesus dolls), Kathin Prabashe (hard exile), Poramatir Putul (Terracotta Dolls), Annya Rakam (otherwise) 2, Hiseb-Nikesh (accounting), Shreshtha Galpa-1, Shreshtha Galpa-2, Pahare Samudre (in the mountains, in the sea), Galpakarer Bachai (the storyteller’s choice), etc. are particularly noteworthy. And children’s literature is Kui Mamar Hanchi (Kui Mama’s sneeze).

In this book, the author has mentioned many short stories in the early part of the first half of the last 20th century. Achintyakumar also made some self-explanatory remarks about the spiritual experience of writing some of Sengupta’s stories. Rabindranath Tagore is the only wonderful self-proclaimed personality in short story writing. Putting him in a completely separate high seat, his contemporaries, however, reiterated some of the rhythmic negative remarks of a young storyteller. The short story has advanced a lot in its variety, in which it has maintained its own position by ending various arguments.

The author has nicely highlighted some of the discussions on what should be the shape of a short story. Analyzing the various discussions related to the genre of short story, he mentioned some important information and requirements.
The sequel to a short story, the infallible weapon with which all the turmoil’s of the story are calm, as well as all the turmoil of the reader’s heart are more turbulent, tumultuous. The peace of the story is in his decision sentence, the turmoil of the story is in the deepest province of his readers mind. The short story will be such that it strikes a chord in the minds of the readers, instantly shaking its eternal consonant in the silence of a miraculous feeling.

According to the author, the main features of short story form and genre are –

  • 1. The slant and excellence of the beginning and the symbolic religion.
  • 2. One-sidedness of story and events.
  • 3. The adventurous ascent of everything and the beginning of the descent with one breathless great moment.
  • 4. The romantic expression of the writer’s personality and lifestyle in the genre.
  • 5. The result of the story is a simple recognition of the unobtrusive imagery between the consonant language and the prose style.

In a word, this book will be considered as a unique book by the readers, so the PDF file of the book Bangla Chhotogalpa Prasanga O Prakaran is given on this web page and the readers can easily collect the book from this web page and read it online.

PDF of Bangla Short Story Context and Variety.

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