Bhangagarar Pala Novel by Shaktipada Rajguru


Bhangagarar Pala Novel by Shaktipada Rajguru

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Bhangagarar Pala Novel written by Shaktipada Rajguru.

Shaktiputra Rajguru was an Indian Bengali writer. Several of his novels has been adopted for the screen including the Ritik directed Meghe Dhaka Tara and the Shakti Samantha directed Amanush has been translated into Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and so many languages.

He was born on 1st February 1922 in Bankura district of West Bengal State. His early schooling life was at fastrupee TN HD action in Murshidabad his bachelor’s degree from the University of Calcutta. He begin to writting novels and stories in 1945. His first Nobel Dinguli. He was awarded Bibhutibhushan for literacy excellency and All-India lion’s Award for Amanush.
The Hall of Fame – Lifetime achievement award Sahityabramha award on 2009. His famous books are Antore Antore, Amanush, Baghini

The more other books of Shaktiputra Rajguru.
Meghe Dhaka Tara,
Diner Pratham Alo
Moni Begum,
Kajal Gayer Kahini

Description of the Novel:
Sealdanga is the first iron factory in India. He has to reach this factory by going up and down the road. Huge factory built during the English period. Thousands of workers work here every day. The protagonist of the story is the first to get a job in this factory. At the time, Mr. Wilson was the works manager for the span pipe section of the factory’s workshop.

The protagonist of the story Bijan has joined the span section. Works on huge automatic machines. Metal is being melted in different furnaces. The red molten metal is falling from that furnace like molten iron water and falling into a dias in the shape of a huge revolving pipe. In a few minutes the pipe is taking shape and that heated pipe is going to the cooling chamber. From there, the machine throws the pipe into the pool like a pool of liquid tar. 15-20 feet of pipe being made in a few minutes. The pipes are being made in different sizes in a section under a huge shed. Mr. Wilson himself oversees these works in turn.

This beautiful story Bhangagarar Pala has been written based on such incidents. Readers will surely enjoy reading it and will be able to gain knowledge.
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Bhangagarar Pala.

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