Jagadhatri Puja Paddhati by Shyamacharan Bhattacharya PDF

Jagadhatri Puja Paddhati by Shyamacharan Bhattacharya PDF

Book – Jagadhatri Puja Paddhati,
Edited by – Pandit Shyamacharan Bhattacharya,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 4MB,
Genre – Religious Book,

Jagadhatri Puja Paddhati edited by Shyamacharan Bhattacharya

Pandit Shyamacharan Bhattacharya has edited the Relegious Book Jagadhatri Puja Paddhati.

Jagadhatri Puja:

Jagaddhatri literally means ‘holder (dhatri) of the world (jagat)’. She is another form of Durga. Hence in the hymns, the Goddess is always referred to as ‘Jagadhatri Durga’. Jagaddhatri is depicted as the color of the morning sun, three-eyed and four-faced, holding a chakra. Conch, bow and arrow, red, clad in bright jewels and a serpent as the sacred thread. She rides a lion and stands on a dead elephant (called Karindrasura, a demon). According to Ramakrishna, Jagaddhatri arises in the heart of a person who can control the raging elephant, called mind. Jagaddhatri Puja starts on Ashtami Tithi and ends on Dashami. But the date is determined by the luni-solar calendar (about a month after Durga Puja).

Who is Jagadhatri?

Idol worship is a bridge to a man and her liberation. To arrive at the ultimate concept of the formless God, present idol worship is the guide before the eyes of Hindu believers. Durga Puja originates from the Hindu scriptures called Markendaya Purana. Goddess Durga, according to Indian mythology, symbolizes ‘Shakti’. Divine power represented in her ten arms. By that divine power, Goddess Durga kills Mahishasura, the king of all the Asuras, who are always plotting to harm and harm the Gods.

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When was Jagadhatri Puja first held?

According to mythology, after killing Mahisasu, the gods were intoxicated with joyous festivities. Even though Goddess Durga killed the Asura, since he is the manifestation of the collective power of the Gods, the Gods thought that the achievement was theirs. Seeing this behavior of the gods, the goddess placed a piece of grass in front of them. None of the gods Indra, Vayu, Agni and Varuna could destroy that fragment.

Why do we do Jagadhatri Puja?

At this time, a quadrangular figure of Paramasundari appeared in front of the gods, she was Jagaddhatri. Then the demigods got confused and accepted Goddess Jagaddhatri as the best of all powers. Its popularity increased after Nadia Raja Krishnachandra Roy introduced this worship in his capital Krishnanagar in the 18th century. Seeing the Rajbari puja, Indranarayan of Hooghly district started this puja in the lower part of Laxmiganj Chaulapatti in Chandannagar.

Which place is famous for Jagadhatri Puja?

Goddess Durga emerges from the accumulated energy of the Holy Trinity – the Creator Brahma; Lord Vishnu the Protector; and Lord Shiva, the one-dimensional master who prevents the destruction of the universe. She is the one who removes all worldly differences and manifests and establishes unity. She symbolizes the unity necessary for the development of mind and soul.

Hence Durga Puja is the worship of Goddess Durga, power and strength. Which protects us from danger and evil and brings happiness, peace and prosperity in our lives. Every year at the beginning of autumn it is a great occasion for everyone to come together and share happiness, sorrow and love with each other.

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Jagadhatri Puja Paddhati PDF File

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