Shankhachiler Dana Written by Atin Kumar Bandyopadhyay

Atin Kumar Bandyopadhyay written story book Shankhachiler Dana.
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Shankhachiler Dana Written by Atin Kumar Bandyopadhyay.

The author Atin Kumar Bandyopadhyay portrays some realistic paintings in his story book of Shankhachiler Dana during the Partition. With the division of the country, this Bengali is divided. And the people of both Upper Bengal and Epar Bengal, then float in tears. One Bengali man then became two Bengalis. In the meantime, some people are living their lives through irritation.

The word refugee dug into every person who came to India from Upper Bengal. Often they have to hear that, for some reason or another, when people go somewhere they say they are Refugees. The words come to their ears, but they cannot say anything to them in fear.

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We are in this country (in India), leaving all Vita-soil from Bangladesh and then everyone says us Refugee on the face.
Thousands of people have been brought into the book of misfortune to make the country fall apart. No one has soil under his feet, no roof on his head. Only one family has come to the shelter to find the best possible address, across the sky. Most of the people lost their homes and suddenly became helpless.
In Kolkata, the situation became worse for those who were coming to Kolkata. Thousands of families were found destitute of shelter in the more undesirable Sealdah station. Find out and build a fence house. Those who could not do it were like beggars lying on the dirty pavement in the premises of Sealdah Station, Kolkata.
After a while their appearance was no longer understood, they had a brick house, land, a garden, an honorable acquaintance in East Bengal. From the pavement to the dirty cloth, to the sun, to the water, they were exposed to the sun, so that their appearance became like rags.

Author Atin Kumar Bandyopadhyay beautifully portrays the real picture of the time in his book of this story which still touches our minds today. Hopefully readers will enjoy reading this Shankhachiler Dana storybook.
Below is a PDF file of this ebook, which you can download from here.


Shankhachiler Dana

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