Katha-Gita by Baikunthanath Kabiratna Bhattacharya

Katha-Gita by Baikunthanath Kabiratna Bhattacharya.

Writer – Baikuntha nath kabiratna Bhattacharya,
Name of book – Katha-Geeta,
Language- Assamese
Book format – pdf,
Book pages – 175,
Book size – 8MB,

Sir Prafulla Chandra Ray says, “Indeed the prose Geeta of Bhatta Deva composed in in the 16th century is unique of its kind. I had an opportunity after coming across and excellent edition of this book, which we owe to the patriotism and scholarship of Pandit Hem Chandra Goswami. It is priceless treasure Assamese prose literature developed to a stage in the far distance 16 century, which no other literature of the world reached except the writings of hooker and Latimer in England. there has been a controversy for long about the independence and identity of the Assamese language. This is extremely foolish. This is due I hold to the provisional partition patriotism and the national conceit of the Bengalees living in Assam.

The Katha-Gita shows clearly that the Assamese literature developed to a standard in the 16 century which the Bengali literature had reached only in the time of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar and Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay.

In fact if some Assamese scholars now get up and say that it is the Bengalee who has borrowed his prose from Assamese literature and enriched his own it will be very difficult to dislodge him. Sir Prafulla Chandra Ray says the question may now be considered as solved and settled for good.
He also said, this is not only as a representative Bengali but as the EX-President of the Bengal literacy conference.
Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee said that the people who could write Geeta in such prose in the 16 century was not a small people.

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Katha-Gita pdf

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