Rabindranath O Shantiniketan by Pramathanath Bishi

Rabindranath O Shantiniketan by Pramathanath Bishi.

Book – Rabindranath O Shantiniketan, 
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Pramathanath Bishi was an Indian writer in Bengali. He was a prominent writer, author and educator. He was a member of the Rajya Sabha of West Bengal from 1972 to 1978.
Pramathanath Bishi was born on 11 June 1901 in the village of Zari in the Rajshahi district of Bangladesh. He studied at Bramya Vidyalaya in Shantiniketan and he came very close to Rabindranath Tagore there and got close to him many times. He passed Matriculation in 1919 from Shantiniketan and passed BA Honors in English from Rajshahi College. He then passed MA in Bengali in 1932 from Calcutta University. In that year he got the highest marks in Bengali and got the first place in Calcutta University.
He then researched the life of Ramtanu Lahiri from 1933 to 1936.

He first started teaching in Ripon College and then in 1950 he was appointed as the Head Professor in the Bangla Department of Calcutta University. He retired from his career in 1971. He held a special place in the literary world at that time and worked for many years as an assistant editor of Anandabazar Patrika. Author Pramathanath Bishi has written in Bengali on various subjects such as poems, short stories, novels, plays, romances etc. The flow of Rabindra Kavya written by him gained special credit. The men and women of Bengali literature he wrote in 1953 and in this book he has highlighted a unique role in Bengali literature. Moreover, he has written many novels.

In the novels Rabindranath O Shantiniketan, he has tried to cover all the incidents of his first study in Shantiniketan. In this book, he paints a beautiful picture of what he did and when he did it. He has tried to give a comprehensive idea about the rules of daily study and other formal matters. In this book, he presents various pictures of that period which are known to us as very rare. Because the author’s idea is that these images are nowhere else.

Author Pramathanath Bishi has given a beautiful description of the surroundings and environment of Santiniketan. At that time there was an empty field near to Shantiniketan, with two Chatim trees beside it a seat for Rabindranath Tagore’s meditation. And to the south of Shantiniketan was a reservoir. Besides, there was Bhubandanga village near the bunch of reservoir, where a gang of robbers lived. And the chief of that robber was in Shantiniketan as a servant. He was good at playing stick and sword.
This book ‘Rabindranath O Shantiniketan’ is written about such memorable events.

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Rabindranath O Shantiniketan – PDF file.

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