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Jalsaghar by Tarashankar Bandyopadhyay

The famous novel Jalsaghar is written by Tarashankar Bandyopadhyay.

In Bengali fiction, Tarasankar Bandyopadhyay is established in his own glory. He has written numerous stories and novels, written essays, autobiographical essays and painted many pictures in his last years, but in literature he is barely 8 years old at the time.

On the death of a baby bird, seeing the miserable condition of the bird’s mother, he wrote a four-line poem with chalk on the living room door. In his words, “My literary pursuits began that day.” (The first volume of Tarashankar Smritikatha is about my time)

It is difficult to say in certainty whether mourning alone gives birth to verse, but the poetic gain of our original poet Valmiki is in such a tragic yet cruel event.

Author, however, did not start his literary career with poetry. His first book of poetry was Tripatra but it was not suddenly appreciated in the society. His first novel, Dinar Dan, was published serially but was not published in book form. As a result, he became frustrated.
At that time he was temporarily leaning more towards politics, but his relationship with the literary world was not severed. Literature was practiced along with politics. At that time he was the assistant editor of Purnima published from Labhpur. He wrote many poems, stories and biographies in that magazine.

But because of his involvement in politics, he also had to go to jail. As a result, he became very emotional. He moved away from active politics but he remained steadfast in the work of the country as before. He can be made the best of the country through literary practice, this consciousness inspires him in a new way. But then another tragedy struck his life, and his daughter died.

Who wrote the famous novel Jalsaghar?

Traumatized by the traumas of personal family experience, Tarashankar Bandyopadhyay embarked on a conquest of Bengali literature with an inexhaustible store of experience. At that time, his literary life underwent a radical change from the story published in Kallol. His writings on slum life were appreciated by the readers at that time. She took shelter in the slums and the environment in a romantic way in the middle.

Sir recognizes one of his books Raskali as literary. And the book of poetry Jalsaghar made him the most well-known among the readers.
All in all, the treasure trove of his experience became inexhaustible. With that treasure, he revealed that it is not only necessary, but inevitable for a novelist to have such an experience in literature. As a result, his stories and novels are so diverse. The zamindars, from the upper castes to the lower castes like Kahar, Bauri, Bagdi, Dom and even thieves, thugs, murderers, etc., are included in his story. Nothing escaped the sight of the poorest hut from the zamindar’s palace.

Jalsaghar is the story of the creation and breakdown of a Dordandapratap zamindar dynasty. He also wrote the novel Raibari. In the story Raibari, he portrays Rameshwar Pratap and Vikram. There is in Rameshwar’s statement how he rules. He kept his prestige intact. But the zamindars of the past were not only the rulers, the zamindars were also landlords and those landlords did not hesitate to burn village after village to maintain their money. Again they opened it for the people during the flood. Thus, his novel is very popular among the readers.
His two famous stories Tarini Majhi and Nari O Nagini are about the lower strata of the society.

Most of the stories of Tarasankar Banerjee, the stories of the main Jalsaghar, are no exception. Thickness occurs in every story.
There are twelve stories in this Jalsaghar novel. We can divide the stories into three parts according to the main characters and social position.

The first part is centered on the upper class
The second part is middle-class centered and
Lower class centered at the end.

The upper class stories are Raybari, Jalsaghar, Rakhal Barujje,
Middle class centered: Padma Boo, Madhu Master, Khajanchibabu.
Lower class centered: Dak Harkara, Pratiksha, Tarini Majhi Tahaldar, Tara, Nari and Nagini etc.

Most of the novels in Jalsaghar are about lower class stories, which means he has written more about the stories of lower class people. In fact, where writer Tarasankar Bandyopadhyay has used his direct experience, he has become one with the characters. He himself was the son of a zamindar and had active and direct experience in the work of Brahmin zamindari, but that zamindari system was on the verge of decay.

Even though he understood that, he could not forget the aristocracy of Neil’s blood, so when he went to draw the character of the zamindar, he himself became agitated. He was not always able to maintain distance with the original character. So all the emotions are characterized by the character of this novel.

As a result, the stories in this novel do not become dramatic in special moments but become supernatural.

Writer Tarasankar Bandyopadhyay is the story of his break-up or just the story of his break-up. He has tried to highlight the former idea. He wanted to draw a picture of the past with the eyes of the past. So that picture does not come alive on the bloody shores of reality or shake the whole existence. But he had great potential in lower-class stories.

Yet the story of the author became the subject of our constant reading, not only because of the diversity of the subject matter, but also because he tried to paint a picture of the disintegration of rural society, and the story of the lower class people.
At least he understood that this man is the pillar of our civilization and the country cannot be understood without them.

This beautiful novel will surely be appreciated by the readers. So the link to the PDF file of the novel is given on this webpage for the readers.

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