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Dinesh Chandra Sen wrote the novel Banglar Puronari as PDF.

Name of the book – Banglar Puronari,
Author – Dinesh Chandra Sen,
Book Category – Bangla Novel Books,
The book has pages – 530,
Book cover – PDF,

Author Dinesh Chandra Sen has written the novel Banglar Puronari.

The prominent bengali author Dr. Dinesh Chandra Sen has written the novel book Banglar Puronari (Puronari of Bengal). The last and one of the best books of one of the best writers of Bengal. The book is especially associated with the life of the author Dinesh Chandra Sen and contains an excellent biographical biography of the library. There is no doubt that in many respects the whole book on women in Bengal will be considered as a memorable book in Bengali literature.

It is a matter of great sadness that the author left this world and passed away before this book was published. Writer Dinesh Chandra Sen was born on 6 November 1866 in the village of Bagjuri in Dhaka district. His father Ishwar Chandra Sen was born in Suapur village of Dhaka district. He was the seventeenth scholar of English-Bangla offer. He wrote Satya Dharma Uddipak Natak, Brahma Sangeet Ratnabali and Dinajpurer Itihas (History of Dinajpur). His most famous novel books are Glimpses Of Bengal Life, The Folk Literature Of Bengal, Bangabani vol. 4, Banga Sahitya Parichaya, Banga Bhasha O Sahitya, Sukatha, Purbabanga Gitika etc..

Among the many legends of the ancient Bengal majestic girls are given in this book, two folk songs about Rani Kamala have been found. In the first, Ranji requested the king to dig a big tank in his name. Dighi was dug but no water was found, so the queen sacrificed herself for dryness and the widow of that king also fell to her death.
The second lyric is briefly aforesaid, but concludes with the story of the capture of the child king by Isha Khan, the Bhuiyan king of Jangalbari, and the rescue of Kumar as a result of the daring efforts of the Garo people of Susung.

There is another beautiful description of a woman in this book.
In ancient times, some unreal stories fell into the hands of Bengali poets and became the idols of gods and goddesses inspired by the devotion and ideal life of this country. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.
Some parts of Queen Kamala’s story are told with unnatural but the basis of the incident is based on true history. The poet has given a poetic imagination around the real story to the beauty of Kuhuk in which he has become beautiful by gaining real heavenly light.

There is nothing miraculous in the story of Andha Bandhu, but in the real world, the example of such a blind and such a lover’s plan is rare. It seems that this poem is like a melody of Bengali flute. The princess is leaving her husband behind and calling out for help. The passion that is born in the mind of the blind man is so great that he is floating his favorite flute in the river water. This beautiful story book will be accepted by the readers as a unique work of Bengali literature. The stories of this book have an impressive scent of Bengali soil, so they will attract the reader in a special way. Evidence that Bengal was once one of the most prosperous provinces in the world can be found in many places in the stories of this book.

So for the readers, the PDF file of the book is given on this web page. Readers can easily collect the novel book from this page and read it online.


PDF file of the book Banglar Puronari (Puronari of Bengal).

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