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Dinesh Chandra Sen wrote the novel Banglar Puronari as PDF.

Name of the book – Banglar Puronari,
Author – Dinesh Chandra Sen,
Book Category – Bangla Novel Books,
The book has pages – 530,
Book cover – PDF,

Author Dinesh Chandra Sen has written the novel Banglar Puronari.

The prominent Bengali author Dr. Dinesh Chandra Sen has written the novel book Banglar Puronari (Puronari of Bengal). The latest and one of the best books by one of Bengal’s greatest literary figures. The book is specially interspersed with the memoirs of the author Dinesh Chandra Sen’s life and an excellent documentary biography of the library is included in the book. There is no doubt that the book ‘Banglar Purnari’ will be considered as a memorable book of Bengali literature in many ways.

It is a pity that the author passed away before the publication of this book. Among the several legends of Bengal noble women of ancient times given in this book, two ballads about Rani Kamala are found. In the first one, the queen requested the king to dig a big dighi in her name. Dighi is dug like that, but water does not stay in that dighi for long. In a few days the water in the lake dries up. So the queen surrendered to that sorrow for dryness. And that king who was jealous of his wife also fell to his death within a few days.

The second hymn summarizes the above narrative. But in the conclusion the story of the child king being taken prisoner by Isha Khan, the Bhuiyan king of Jangalbari, is narrated. Mention is also made of the rescue of Kumara Raja by the daring efforts of the Garo subjects of a place called Susunga.

There are beautiful descriptions of some women in this book. In ancient times, some ‘unreal stories’ fell into the hands of Bengali poets and inspired the passion, devotion and ideal life of this country and they became idols. The unnatural parts of these songs have not only become useful for children’s entertainment, but they have also become the enjoyable and useful narratives of the masses.

Some parts of Rani Kamala’s story are narrated with the supernatural. But the ‘foundation of events’ is based on solid factual history. The poet has surrounded the real story with a poetic-fantasy beauty-cave environment. In that the stories became beautiful with real heavenly-light.

There is nothing miraculous about the story of Andha Badhu (Blind Bride), yet in the real world examples of such blind and such lover’s schemes are rare. It seems that this poem is like a Bengali flute tune. The princess leaves her husband and follows the flute player to the melodious tune of the flute. In some cases it is seen that the passion born in the flute player’s heart is so great that he floats his beloved flute in the river.

The stories in this book have a fascinating scent of Bangladesh soil. So they will attract the readers specially. The fact that Bangladesh was once one of the most prosperous provinces in the world is evident in many places in the stories of this book. This wonderful storybook has made Bengali literature proud. We hope that this wonderful story book will be accepted as a unique work by the readers.

So for the readers, the PDF file of the book is given on this web page. Readers can easily collect the novel book from this page and read it online.

PDF file of the book Banglar Puronari (Puronari of Bengal).

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