Murshidabader Itihas by Pratibha Ranjan Maitra pdf

Pratibha Ranjan Maitra wrote the Murshidabader Itihas novel book as PDF. 

The name of Novel – Murshidabader Itihas (History of Murshidabad),
Author – Pratibha Ranjan Maitra,
Book Format – PDF,
The Book Pages -142,
Lang – Bengali,
The category of the Book – Historical Novel,
Book Source – Digital Library of India,

Murshidabader Itihas by Pratibha Ranjan Maitra

Pratibha Ranjan Maitra wrote the Novel Murshidabader Itihas PDF.

Writer Pratibha Ranjan Maitra has written a historical novel, named Murshidabader Itihas (মুর্শিদাবাদের ইতিহাস, History of Murshidabad). Many have written about the history of Murshidabad before and will continue to do so in the future. Much of the history of Murshidabad has to be relied upon by contemporary historians, as Murshidabad was then a thriving city with a historical foundation and later became the capital. The rise and fall of the history of this Murshidabad district through various events. Those events are also covered in various stories. In the writings of contemporary historians, there are, in some cases, considerable discrepancies between the descriptions of historical events and the portrayal of the character of the skilled people. There is no resemblance between anyone in writing and most of them are inconsistent.
But the main goal of the study of history is the search for truth. So the author did a lot of research, research and for a long time this book collected and published various information. Research on the history of Murshidabad and the eighteenth century of Bengal is still going on and if the results of research are published in the future, more details of Murshidabad will become clear to us. Those that are still in the dark may be enlightened in the future. We will all be waiting for that day.

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In some cases, attempts have been made to distort history in Bengali dramas and novels. The playwrights and the novelists are arranging the events according to their own wishes and portraying the characters. But the distortion of history is in no way justifiable.

Murshidabader Itihas (History of Murshidabad) Originally the history of Bengal in the eighteenth century was a glorious period for the capital Murshidabad. In fact the first half of the eighteenth century. The capital Murshidabad came to a standstill after the battle of Palashi and since then the glory of this Murshidabad has been declining. The importance of Murshidabad diminished and the importance of Calcutta increased after the coup d’etat of the British. Author Pratibha Ranjan Maitra has compiled this book by collecting information from contemporary history and from various previously published books and also by collecting various information from some old periodical letters and documents. Many have written research and books on the history of Murshidabad.

We can say without any doubt that the famous historical book History of Murshidabad written by the writer Pratibha Ranjan Maitra is very different from the contemporary writers and is the best writing of this century. This book can also be called a unique composition and informative extraordinary historical novel.

It is brighter and more informative than all the books he has already published on the history of Murshidabad. At the time of publication of this book, it was in great demand among the readers. So the pdf file of the historical book Murshidabader Itihas is given on the page of this website.

Readers, researchers and students can collect from this page for research and more information on the Murshidabader Itihas (History of Murshidabad) and read online if desired.


PDF file of the book Murshidabader Itihas (History of Murshidabad).

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  1. I’m also from murshidabad & many of the stories are unknown to me.Thanks to the author & for presenting such a beautiful historical story to us. Thanks a lot.

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