Bagha Jatin by Sudhir Kumar Mitra PDF

Sudhir Kumar Mitra wrote the Biographical Book Bagha Jatin.

The name of the book – Bagha Jatin,
Writer – Sudhir Kumar Mitra,
Language – Bengali,
Book Format – PDF,
Book Pages -114,
Category – Biographical Story Book,
Book Source – Digital Library of India,

Bagha Jatin Biographycal Story Book by Sudhir Kumar Mitra PDF

Author Sudhir Kumar Mitra has written the Biographical Book of Bagha Jatin. Bagha Jatin was the name of the revolutionary Jatindranath Mukherjee. He will always be remembered as the main hero of the second phase of the revolutionary movement in Bengal. Not only was he known as a revolutionary but he was highly revered and revered by his guru as one of the best disciples of Bholananda Giri. Author Sudhir Kumar Mitra has beautifully describe his life story in his book BaghaJatin. Jatindranath Mukherjee became one of the revolutionaries of Bengal and emerged as a revolutionary among all in this Bangladesh. He has fought all his life for the release of the bondage of subjugated India.
He collected a lot of unknown information and unpublished interviews about Baghayatin from Srimat Swami Ramananda Giri Maharaj of Bholanath Ashram. Moreover, Mrs. Ashalata Devi, the eldest daughter of Jatindranath, has assisted in publishing this book with many facts and facts.

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Dr. Hemendranath Dasgupta’s Story of India’s Revolution and Jatindranath’s cousin Lalit Kumar Chattopadhyay have contributed a lot of information to the publication of this book.

The revolutionary Jatindranath Mukhopadhyay was the second person in the revolutionary history of Bangladesh. His father’s name was Umeshchandra Mukhopadhyay and his mother was Saratshashi Devi. Although their original abode was in the village of Maheshkhali, Jhenaidah, Jessore district, Jatindranath was born in 1286 AD in the village of Kaya, Kushtia sub-division, 21 Agrahayan, Nadia district. As a child, he was raised by his parents as he was fatherless at the age of only five.
His maternal family was closely involved in the Swadeshi movement in the early twentieth century, and the number of gatherings of young men and women from the villages adjoining Chandimandap in Mama’s house is unknown. He saw it all from a young age and became obsessed with the militant movement. This militant movement was instilled in his heart from an early age.
A river flows past the village of Kaya. That is the Garui river, in which he has been swimming since childhood and has crossed the river many times without fear. His uncle had a white horse, Jatindranath loved the horse very much and since childhood he used to travel far and wide with that horse character.
Jatindranaths’ great uncle, Basanta Kumar Chattopadhyay was one of the chief advocates of Sadar Krishnanagar in Nadia district. As there was no good English school in Kaya village, he used to study with his great uncle from Krishnanagar. Jatindranath was educated at Krishnanagar Anglo Vernacular School. At that time Jatindranath killed a tiger with rhyme so everyone called him Bagha Jatin.

Later in all of Bengal he became known as Bagha Jatin. In 1898, at the age of 18, Jatindranath passed the entrance examination from Krishnanagar A.V. School. At that time he got a job in a company based in Kolkata with a salary of 50 rupees. Later he got a good job in a company in Muzaffarpur with a salary of 80 rupees and after leaving his job in Calcutta he moved to Muzaffarpur. But he did not stay there long. He returned to Calcutta in 1900 after getting a good job with a salary of one hundred rupees from the Bengal government.
Then began his revolutionary life. The author has beautifully analyzed his various events in this book.

In this book, the author has revealed many unknown facts about Jatindranath for the readers. This book became especially acceptable to the readers.

So the PDF file of the Biographical Book Bagha Jatin is given on this website page. Readers can easily collect this book PDF file from this page and also read online if you want.

Bagha Jatin Biographical story book pdf

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