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Basar Sajja Romantic Novel written by Bimal Mitra.

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The romantic novel Basar Sajja is written by Bimal Mitra. The main character of the novel Basar Sajja is a famous Devdasi woman Balamani.

The name of the beautiful young woman was Balamani. This Balamani was written by a famous foreign writer ‘Pierre Loti’.
Influenced by the power of Mohini, this famous western writer was fascinated and wrote about Balamani in his literature, but the people of North India do not know much about Balamani. Here in this book, Balamani’s life is briefly mentioned.
Beautiful young Balamani born in South India. Balamani’s work was spread all over the famous places of South India like Madura, Kumbakonam, Tanjore, Trichinapalli, Madras etc. Many in the music and dance-loving society still discuss his words with love and respect. An attraction to him is still present in many parts of South India. She was born in the Devdasi class. With the arrival of the youth, the fragrance of Balamani’s everlasting voice spread all around. Devdasi Balamani was fair-skinned, but she was incomparable in her beautiful body and well-formed limbs.
She was looking black but what an amazing sweetness she had in this black form, which cannot be understood without seeing her, only those who have seen her know. Balamani was a famous artist and she was also known as Vidyapati. At a very young age he mastered the scriptures like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Purana etc. and the main idea of ​​Indian culture. When she sang the hymns of the devotee poets of the south in Kinnarkanthe, no one could think of her as a woman. Those who have seen Balamani in dramas once, have never forgotten her in their lives. The words of his sweet voice fascinated the masses. How many people were so attracted to his words that they crowded around him wherever he went.

A famous European tourist visited India. He heard about Balamani while traveling in South India, while Madurai was performing. He said that when he saw Balamani in the lead role of his play, dancing, in an amazing manner, he was not ashamed to admit that I was just mesmerized. Who am i I did not remember for a long time where and for what purpose I came to this country. It seemed that the voice of this nymph-idol, emanating nectar-sounding waves, filled the atmosphere there and made everyone like me forget.
I don’t know who the form, the smell or the kinnarkantha are. I can’t even imagine the existence of Balamani’s idol and the other existence from their voice. Anyone who has seen him on the stage, listened to the music of his voice and noticed his wonderful posture in dance rhythm, simple ups and downs along with his amazing multiplicity of rhythmic postures, fickle movement of fingers, I think their birth and life have been successful.
The beauty of his heart was more than all these external beauties. Hasin Karunasagar was full of all the aspects in his heart. With the establishment of his dance songs in his youth, the merchant zamindars and rich people of the country became attached to him. The money was up. Money had to be sent in advance to enjoy his one-night stand.

But one day, while living like this, his life suddenly happened like a novel. There was a huge change in the attraction of a Brahmin youth named Basudevan. Basudevan first saw her in a dance hall in a rich house and became fascinated and then went crazy to see her. How he could see Balamani was a matter of concern to him then. He used to stand on the path where Balamani used to go for bath. Then he came and found out about the news that he could be found one night if he had five hundred rupees. But it is impossible for him to raise five hundred rupees at once. He could not imagine because he was the son of a poor Brahmin, his father left nothing but a small house. Then he came and found out and thought he would sell his house. Thus one day he sold his house and somehow raised Rs.500.

This romantic Basar Sajja novel is very interesting, you will understand as soon as you read it.

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Basar Sajja novel pdf.

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