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Hemchandra Kanungo wrote the novel Banglay Biplab Procheshta (Revolutionary Efforts in Bengal – বাংলায় বিপ্লব প্রচেষ্টা). PDF

Book name – Banglay Biplab Procheshta,
Author – Hemchandra Kanungo,
Book Format- PDF,
Book Size- 9 MB,

Banglay Biplab Procheshta by Hemchandra Kanungo

From the month of Ashwin in Bengal 1329 to the month of Magh in 1334, the book Banglay Biplob Pracheshta was first published in the Bengali monthly Basumati under the title Banglar Biplob Kahini. He then published a book entitled Banglay Biplab Procheshta.
Writer Hemchandra Kanungo initially named it Banglay Biplab Procheshta ‘The Story of the Revolution of Bengal’ but it seemed inconsistent to him because what is meant by revolution in Bangladesh did not take place then, but how would his story be.

Then some people have expressed their opinion that the Bengali nation is trying to make them look inferior in the eyes of those who are so glorious in their fame or that they are disrespectful to such a writer. Many have encouraged the writer to say that there is a need for such writing. However, the author feels the need to say something about this here.
The author has been forced to criticize the work of only a few leaders or activists in this book. In other words, a number of prominent leaders and activists have taken the opportunity to criticize all the faults of the national character that can never make real national progress possible.

The author did not do much of the purpose of the speech as much as he did except for that criticism.

The author wants to make it clear that all the shortcomings that they have mentioned are due to the environmental events that they have been forced to do and that they are responsible for it in our society. They have tried to analyze only a few of the errors made by them in order to prove the truth that the national progress is far-reaching if there is no radical change in the thoughts, ideas, thoughts, etc. of that society. Apart from that, the author thinks that it is useless to write about such issues.
According to “Yadrishi bhabana yasya siddhirbhavati tadrishi” – Siddhi is not the same everywhere, but it is certain that if you want the elephant, then the horse will match.

The ideology of this revolution is where we got it from, if we could get an idea of ​​the ideology of the leaders and workers, the ideals, ideas and origins of the leaders we have got, if not the only ones who worship the body or the Sricharanas. He felt that there was enough respect for the leaders who should have taken the right view, on the other hand, if the leaders considered their initiatives to be appropriately accepted as the ultimate success of the leadership, and if their work was not claimed to be past judgment, then what kind of leader or worker? I could easily guess. And now what kind of leader or worker I have got is also worthy of attention.

In our website, the author has beautifully portrayed the Indian Swadeshi movement and its activities and the extremist movement in this book, which the author himself has claimed. We leave the burden of this opinion to you.

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Banglay Biplob Pracheshta (Revolutionary Efforts in Bengal) PDF file.

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