Bharatiya Darshan by Debabrata Sen ebook PDF

Dr. Debabrata Sen wrote the Indian Philosophy (Bharatiya Darshan) PDF. 

Book Name –  Bharatiya Darshan (Indian Philosophy),
Book pages – 314,
Book Size – 11 MB.


Debabrata Sen contribution in Indian Philosophy (Bharatiya Darshan) ebook PDF.

Reading books of Bangla language at the Honors level of various Universities of West Bengal graduate. West Bengal State Book Board has begun to publish text books in Bengali language for Honors students on various topics. In the Indian Philosophy (Bharatiya Darshan) published by the Board, many philanthropic philosophers of philosophical world, received valuable advice and assistance from the professor.

I am delighted to receive the book Bidhubhusan Tarkatirtha, a professor of Sanskrit of Jadavpur University, and Professor of Sanskrit Department of’ Calcutta University. The auspicious and affectionate, intimate, and active support of these Acharya’s dared me to write this book.
Debabrata Sen said, ‘I am in debt to Amiya Kumar Majumdar, member of the West Bengal Public Service Commission (WBPSC). Mr. Majumdar is my almighty professor. In many duties and responsibilities, in the endless patience and affection, he inspired me in many ways in the form of writing this book. In his advice, I modified and modified many parts of the book. Dr. Kalidas Bhattacharya, the former vice-chancellor of my absolute respected Visva-Visitee, is interested and inspired to write this book’.

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‘Regarding my professors and Professor Dr. Pranab Kumar Sen, the famous professor of philosophy department at the great martyr Jadavpur University, I really remembered. Regarding the book writing, I commemorated the valuable advice and assistance of Mr. Kalipada Sen, former Professor of Bengali language and literature of Presidency college, Calcutta Presidency College with sincere respect. It is possible to publish this book immediately in the right direction of Mr. Abani Mitra, Chief Administrative Officer of West Bengal State Book Board. Thank you sincerely to him.
In particular, Elam Press remembers the relentless and sincere efforts of Sri Durga Prasad Mitra. Some print out of the special effort went away. That is why the endorsement was given after the book. In the writings of the book, we have taken the help of books. A bibliography was added to the book.
‘In the end, I am responsible for all the mistakes in my personal books, especially for my best worshipers and beloved friend-friend, for the possible excellence of the book. Needless to say, we will do our best to correct the book in the next edition. For this reason, I earnestly pray this advice, advice and criticism. If my student benefits after reading the book, my labor will be successful’, authors offer.

Bharatiya Darshan (Indian Philosophy) has written by Dr. Debabrata Sen.

Readers can collect and read the Bharatiya Darshan from this page.

Bharatiya Darshan

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