Krishna Jakhan Premik Novel by Prabodh Kumar Sanyal

Krishna Jakhan Premik Novel by Prabodh kumar Sanyal

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Krishna Jakhan Premik Novel by Prabodh kumar Sanyal

Krishna Jakhan Premik (When Krishna Lover) Wrote this love novel, writer Sri Prabodh kumar Sanyal.
The story includes a Wishful Woman love story. What does Usha say about the boyfriend whom he wrote? Let us look at this unpowered writing of Prabodh kumar Sanyal. He is the king of love, and again the beggar of love. By making love affair, he worshiped forms of youth. So, now if she again becomes like a love fellow, then what happens?All of her faces became paralyzed with a gentle smile. She realizes that she will have to embrace the whole new camouflage in the enemy’s killing.

So what has become Usha today? At every moment what astonishment is in the vibrations, her heart is trembling. In the dream, she is a wonder blue man with whom she has met with miraculous coitus. The pleasure of that coitus is flowing, all around her young body. She is often thrilled. When the dream breaks, the despair of hopelessness is seeing the tired, the face of the face of the people.Who came to my sleep in the middle of the night?

The rest of the night do I have to spend in an uncertain movement?

Who will ask Usha to answer this difficult question?

She is going to strive. Where is the hidden answer to this mystery? Until it is not known, the mind of that young youth can not be satisfied even for a short time.

Some other Notable works of Author Prabodh kumar Sanyal.
Mahaprasthaner Pathe.

Biography of Prabodh kumar Sanyal:

On 7th July 1905, when the news of the decision of the partition of Bengal was appearing in the wake of the Bengali Bengali hanging, on the morning paper, Calcutta Prabodh kumar was born on that day in the 4th Radha nath Bose Lane of Goa Bagan. Father, Rajendra Nath Sanyal and mother, Vishweshwari Devi. But when Prabodh kumar at the age of four months, lost his father (Rajendra Nath died suddenly, Heart Attack), the rich family got overnight financial difficulties.
The future of the wife and children became uncertain. To cope with the situation, the grandmother of Goddess Dakshmi Devi brought the whole family together Shyam Bazar in her own home. The maternal cousins ​​were placed in the house. The influence of grandmother was very much in the life of Prabodh kumar. Prabodh kumar saw independence in this woman’s first expression of independence. Mother Bisweshwari got the taste of literary texts.

His novels, like Batas Dilo Dol, Kajal Lata, Kalarab, Priya Bandhabi, Alo aar Agun, Aka baka, are still equally popular for readers. Films are made from several stories and novels, including the Mahaprasathaner pathe.
He received the Sarat Chandra Smriti Award from the University of Calcutta. Got the Ananda Award, Elected the president of Nikhil banga  Literary Conference. Cultural tourists of India went to America. Jawaharlal Nehru wrote the title of his novel Devatatma Himalaya in the journey.
In 1974, he went once to the birth of the Writers Union in Russia. Go to Russia and receive the respect and love of literature folks there. From 1923 to 1979, the compositions of his short story are till date. He has written 214 stories in this Seventy years, said researcher Dr. Ajit Kumar Bhattacharya In his short stories, there is such an expansion of experience, as well as keen realization.
He has written, Finding stories in Pathghat – Steamerghate, Chattakaler Dhare, Rail Statione, Bidesher Dharmashalay, Muffasal Waiting Room”, Tirthajatrar Melay. Take the Majur, Jele (fisherman), Garoan, Mudi (grocer), and take these characters because they will see their way of life. At the age of seventies on April 17, 1983, Lifestyle of the litterateur Prabodh kumar Sanyal took place at the house of ‘No 6, Baliganj Terrace’.The traveler of the humanitarian who left this literary, asked, Will the human race never pilgrimage the imagination of establishing a kingdom of heaven?

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