Tantrik Sadhana O Siddhanta Vol. 1-2 by Gopinath Kabiraj PDF

Tantrik Sadhana O Siddhanta Vol 1 and 2 by Gopinath Kabiraj PDF.

Book – Tantrik Saddhana O Sidhanta Vol. 1 & 2,
Author – Gopinath Kabiraj,
Category – Bengali Tantra Mantra Book,
Language – Bengali, Hindi,
Book Format – PDF,
Pages Vol. 1- 240, Vol. 2 – 182,
Size – Vol. 1- 9 MB, Vol. 2 – 6 MB,

Author Gopinath Kabiraj has written both the first and second volumes of Tantrik Sadhana O Siddhanta.

The first and second volumes of Tantric Sadhana and Siddhanta were written by Dr. Gopinath Kabiraj. In order to discuss Indian culture, it is necessary to search the Vedas and Tantras from a relevant Tantric point of view in order to understand the nature of Vedic and Tantric practices. At present, neither of these two pursuits is free from Shankaryadosha. Not only that, Vedic sadhana is not found in the smart and mythological style and in a pure way, the mixture is seen everywhere. The type of Vedic sadhana that has evolved and developed in the course of development is the type of Tantric sadhana that has evolved and evolved.
From ancient times to the Middle Ages and the present time, the influence of external influences on the culture of India has diminished. It is not a historical point of view in the theoretical discussion of the subject of historical research because the theory and its evolution are not subject to the evolution of time and the laws that govern it. While it is true that there is an evolution of theoretical exploration, it is beyond the scope of historical research.
Discussions and reflections on Vedic practice are going on in the Middle Ages as well as in the present times as in ancient times. Adequate research on this subject from historical lexical mythology and other perspectives is that its importance and necessity cannot be denied. In the modern age, from the point of view of yoga science, Sri Arvind and some of his colleagues are working hard on this subject. This is also a very important task. But in spite of this, many mysteries remain unsolved in this mysterious field.

Mahatma Shivchandra Vidyarnab and his disciples Sir John Woodruff, Swami Pratyagatmananda, etc., have been working hard on Tantric practice for some time now. But it’s just direction. Just as the ancient Vedic practice of chronology is extroverted, so too the discussion of tantric practice is extroverted in most cases. There has not been much discussion about Tantric pursuits yet. What happened has not shed light on its mysteries. The author Gopinath Kabiraj in his Tantric Sadhana and Siddhanta has beautifully analyzed the subject of Tantric matters.
This Tantric Sadhana and Siddhanta (Tantric pursuit and decision) are published in two volumes. Readers can collect vol-1 and Vol – 2 of Tantric Sadhana and Siddhanta from this web page and also read online.

Tantric Sadhana and Siddhanta PDF file of the volume – 1 and the volume – 2.

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