Brahmavaivarta Purana Bengali Edited by Pandit Panchanan Tarkaratna

Brahmavaivarta Purana Bengali edited by Pandit Panchanan Tarkaratna.

Book- Brahmavaivarta Purana
Author- Sri Vyasadeva,
edited by Pandit Panchanan Tarkaratna
Book Size- 30 MB.

Brahmavaivarta Purana by Sri Vyasadeva

Religious Book Brahmavaivarta Purana.

The Book language is Sanskrit, written in Bengali language. This valuable Hindu Scripture Book was written by Sri Vyasadeva and edited by Pandit Panchanan Tarkaratna. The old book is very important to Hindu region. It centers around Krishna and Radha is a Sanskrit text. Its extant version was likely composed in the15th or 16th century in the Bengali region of Indian subcontinent. Numerous versions of this Purana exist in up to 274 or 276 chapters. all claiming to be either part of or manuscripts of the Bramavaivarta Purana.

The mythology and stories of Brahmavaivarta Purana along with Bahgvata Purana have been influential to the Krishna related Hindu traditions, as well as to dance and performance arts such as the Rasalila.

The Bramavaivarta Purana is a most important part of Hinduism and it is very reasonable and notable work of Sri Vyasadeva.

Now readers you can collect the religious book from this page given below.

Brahmavaivarta Purana.

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