Lila Majumdar Rachanabali All Volume PDF

Lila Majumdar Rachanabali All Three Volumes PDF.

Book Name – Lila Majumdar Rachanabali (All Volume),
Author – Lila Majumdar,
Genre – Bengali Novel,
Book format – PDF,
Language – Bengali,

Lila Majumdar Rachanabali All Volume

Lila Majumdar Rachanabali All Three Volume Bengali Novel PDF

Lila Majumdar was a prominent woman writer of Bengali literature. Although she is one of the writers of Bengali literature, her name spread all over India and became the best writer through her writings. Being a housewife, she wrote many books. Among his works are children’s literature, cookery books and novels for young adults, which are read with great success by readers all over India and her books are popular among the readership.
Her novel for adults Shreemoti and Chena Lanthan has been very well received by the readers. She also wrote a biographical book on Rabindranath Tagore which is still a shining light in Bengali literature.

An ordinary housewife who ignores everything that day becomes confident, strong and desperate to establish herself. Who never learned to lose in life. In every case she was associated with great devotion and won. For this she had to be repeatedly neglected, insulted; But she defied all odds and triumphed. Back then, it was a difficult thing for a woman from a conservative Hindu family to come out and establish herself in the outside world.

Now let’s see that she started her journey by getting on the train, heading towards Calcutta. Where will she go now? We will know the answer soon. Let’s go back a few years. Where the female writer Leela digs her ground with hard hands, to free herself and other conservative families. At last he fought to see the face of the establishment. She first joined the special programs department of the Women’s Department at All India Radio.

When Lila was join in All India Radio?

At that time she was in Shillong city for some time due to the work of women’s section of All India Radio. In One afternoon an incident in her mind deeply scarred him. She wrote in a statement about it – “I think there are few such beautiful people born in the world”. She is none other than Rabindranath Tagore herself. When the poet Rabindranath Tagore visited Shillong, little Leela took her father’s hand and went to show the poem she had written to the poet Rabindranath Tagore. That was the first time she met Rabindranath Tagore. After some years later the poet called Leela to Santiniketan and this incident is known to all.

She started work in Santiniketan, but she did not feel right there, left work and built a house in Santiniketan to live in peace. Rabindranath and Santiniketan repeatedly scarred her life. The shadow of the natural refuge there pierced his heart again and again, so she chose Santiniketan as the abode of peace.

Why she was going in Darjeeling?

At the beginning of this writing, a train leaves smoke and leaves for Kolkata. The train came to a halt in the sunlight at Kanchenjunga. When Leela Majumdar was twenty-three years old, she came to the platform of a new life in schoolwork. In 1931, she was appointed as a teacher at the Maharani Girls’ School in Darjeeling. But she did not like the job of this teacher very much. She looked for an escape route, finally found it. She came to Darjeeling and met Rabindranath Tagore. By then Leela Majumdar’s writings, her enthusiasm for children all came to Rabindranath’s attention.

On his return to Santiniketan, Rabindranath Tagore wrote to Leela, “The children’s department is going well, I am taking a year’s leave. Hopefully, you will come and take his place for a year.” This was Rabindranath Tagore’s skillful work and thought style. Placing various brilliant personalities in the blossoming Visva Bharati.

When Lila joined in Santiniketan?

After receiving the letter, Leela prepared to go to Santiniketan with her bag and luggage. Leela went to Santiniketan. Sunlight on the ice of Kanchenjunga, a wide range of red soil before it. Leela’s mind was touched by a wonderful light in the moonlight of Santiniketan, and also a wonderful human light like wax. But why the long-awaited light of the heart? Visva Bharati or teaching, none could give him peace of mind, which she had spent a long time searching for. But here too the mind becomes restless. Leela left Santiniketan and went to Calcutta. Leela Majumdar expressed her dismay in an essay about Visva Bharati – ‘A lot of darkness in a candle-thin cloud’.

When the poet came abroad, Leela left Santiniketan and went to Calcutta. Rabindranath Tagore was very distressed after receiving the resignation letter back home and realized that ‘Leela had come back to Calcutta mischievously on some occasion’. Acknowledging Visva-Bharati’s faults, he wrote to Leela, ‘Whenever you are happy, and if you come here, you will find that you are in the right place’.

Some notable works, stories and novel of Lila Majumdar PDF.

Din Dupure
Ei Ja Dekha

Literature – Lila Majumdar:-

She wrote about 130 to 150 books. Lila Majumdar was established by writing stories, novels, dramas and articles for children in Sandesh, Shishusathi, Mouchak, ‘Khoka-Khuku’ Prabasi, Bharatbarsha, Samanthar Chiti, Bichitra etc. and magazines. Leela Majumdar’s literature was formed by combining humor – curiosity and life experience. ‘Padi Pishir Barmee Bakso’ was very popular to be filmed. We can never forget Naku from ‘Nakugama’, Pilot Samaresh Kaku, Engineer Hamid Kaku. She wrote Biraler Boi (Cat Books) about various cats. ‘Kunkro’ story conveys our love for human beings. In the story of ‘Shelter’ we are enthralled by the thrilling description of the Saheb’s shelter at the top of the hill. Her stories and novels become worthwhile with the balanced combination of eyes and mind.

Lila Majumdar said at this time – The thousand color fair of the universe is held with the game of seven colors. In the same way, the world’s literature has been filled with nine juices in the world of the mind. Except for two of them, all the rest are for the ages of nine to ninety-nine in the world. Instead, I just want to keep my eyes and mind open to the door of his heart.

Readers can read and collect Leela Majumdar Rachanabali All three volumes (Vol-1, Vol-2, Vol-3) book as PDF from this page. Lila Majumdar Rachanabali all vols PDF link is given below.

Lila Majumdar Rachanabali All Volumes

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