Baishnab Darshan O Dharma Vol-1 by  Ramanujacharya PDF

Baishnab Darshan O Dharma Vol-1 by  Ramanujacharya Bengali PDF

Book – Baishnab Darshan O Dharma Vol-1,
Author – Swami Jatindra Ramanujacharya,
Category – Religious Book,
Book Pages – 420,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 20 MB,

Baishnab Darshan O Dharma Vol-1 written by Jatindra Ramanujacharya

Jatindra Ramanujacharya wrote the religious book Baishnab Darshan O Dharma – (Vol-1)

Vaishnava Philosophy and Religion (Baishnab Darshan O Dharma) is written by author Swami Jatindra Ramanujacharya. He is a famous Indian Hindu philosopher and social reformer. He devoted himself fully to the development of Hinduism. He was probably born in 1017 AD (10th century).

Who was Ramanujacharya and why Famous in Indian Vaishnava Philosophy?

He was born in Perumbudar village west of Madras. His father was Keshav Somayaji and mother was Kantimathi. Ramanuja’s name was Ilaya Perumal. His father Keshav Somayaji died at a very young age. As a result, the family continued to live in poverty, during which time he moved to Kanchipuram to study the Vedas. There he studied the Vedas under Sri Yadav Prakash, a teacher of Advaita philosophy. Within some time he made himself proficient in the study of the Vedas. Many of the explanations given by philosophy teacher Yadav Prakash did not seem very valid to him. Many times he would introduce his own interpretations and opinions to his teammates, which they found relevant. And everyone welcomed his opinions and explanations.

Why Ramanujacharya is famous in India?

He was extremely well versed in the Vedas. He was very talented from childhood. He became familiar with different languages very easily and quickly.

At that time Ramanuja’s extraordinary intellect and meditation ideas and fame spread far and wide. Among all he became a good debater. He composed his commentary on Brahmasutra known as Sri Bhashya. The Visishtadvaita system is a very ancient one. This was explained by Bodhayana in his Vrittis. It was composed around 400 BC. Ramanuja followed Bodhiana in his interpretation of the Brahmasutras.

His Vaishnava community is called ‘Sri Sampradaya’. They are the three famous books of the people Vedanta Sara (Summary of Vedanta), Vedanta Samra (A Biography of Vedanta) and Vedanta Dipa (Light of Vedanta).

Baishnab Darshan O Dharma – (Vol-1) PDF File

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