Famous Poetry Books by Satyandranath Dutta PDF

Famous Poetry Books by Satyandranath Dutta PDF.

Book Name – Famous Poetry Books,
Author – Satyendranath Dutta,
Number of Books – 13,
Book format – PDF,

Famous Poetry Books by Satyandranath Dutta PDF.

His most famous poetry Books are Abhra Abir, Benu O Bina, Bhul Bhanga, Kabya Sanchayan, Kuhu O Keka, Homshikha, Dhuper Dhoyay, Phuler Fasal, Tirtha Salil, Tulir Likhon. The novel Jiban Taranga of Satyendranath Dutta was republished for the benefit of the readers. This book has been reprinted by the spiritual efforts of Shankar Bandopadhyay author Tarashankar Bandyopadhyay.

Poet Satyendranath Dutta is a brilliant astrologer of Bengali literature. He is known as a Bengali poet and rhymer. He was a magician of rhythm. We also see the skillful rhythm and translation work in different languages ​​in his poems. He has written many poems under pseudonyms like Navakumar, Kabiratna, Ashitipar Sharma, Tribikram Barman, Kalamgir etc.
Satyendranath Dutta was born on 11 February 1882 in the village of Nimata. He passed Entrance from Central Collegiate School, Calcutta in 1899 and FA from Scottish Church College in 1901.

During his lifetime, 15 books were published at all times, from 1920 to 1921. Most of the books published at that time were books of poetry. The only novel published on our web page called Jiban Taranga (Life-Wave) is his prose.

The book in question, which has been republished today under the pseudonym Jeeban Taranga, is popularly known to have been translated by Satyendranath Dutta under the direction of Rabindranath Tagore. This book is a translation of the novel Livsslaven by the famous Norwegian novelist Joan Lie.

The book Jiban Taranga was published on 1318 (Bengali) in Prabasi Patrika and then with a slight change was published on 20th July 1982 under the title Janma dukhi.

Almost half a century has passed since the publication of that day and the composition was lost behind the poet’s fame and was on the verge of extinction. The book was then republished with the permission of the wife of the poet Satyendranath Dutta. As this book is written in Sadhu bhasa, its taste will naturally be a little different for the present readers. Because now most of the novels or books are being published in the current language. However, our belief is that in order to reassure the reader completely, it can be said that due to the mature power of simple expression of language, the reader can easily accept the language and the hidden thoughts of this language as his own.

The story and character of the original book of the poet is from far northern Europe and the period of this story is naturally 70 years ago when the world was very lonely. When industrial civilization did not become as it is today, human misery seemed to be much clearer, human suffering seemed to have more value. This story is the story of a little man’s little extraordinary sorrow. But since the grief of the little ones was of extraordinary value at that time, the grief of the little ones has become outstanding here. And in order to give pleasure to the reader by taking a beautiful picture, he is still waiting for the reader by taking his immortal picture. Author Tarashankar Bandyopadhyay has given a clear idea about the book. He was instrumental in publishing this book and with his help this invaluable novel has been published today.

Today, a century later, the book was published under the title Jeeban Taranga and some famous Poetry Books in order to give it back to the Bengali readers with deep respect.

The PDF files of the Famous Poetry Books are given below.

We hope that Famous Poetry Books will be well received by the readers. In order to make it easier for the readers to collect, the link of the PDF files of the Famous Poetry Books are provided on this page. You can easily collect and read these famous Poetry Books as you wish.

PDF file of the Famous Poetry Books.

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