Subodh Ghosher Shreshtha Galpa by Subodh Ghosh PDF

Subodh Ghosher Shreshtha Galpa by Subodh Ghosh ebook PDF

Book – Subodh Ghosher Shreshtha Galpa,
written by Subodh Ghosh,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 9 MB,
Book Pages – 256,

Subodh Ghosher Shreshtha Galpa written by Subodh Ghosh

The Subodh Ghosher Shreshtha Galpa Bengali ebook PDF.

The book Subodh Ghosher Shreshtha Galpa Subodh Ghosh (Best Story of Subodh Ghosh) is written by Subodh Ghosh. The emergence of the writer in Bengali literature is as sudden as it is startling. In 1940, two of Subodh Ghosh’s non-mechanical stories announced the emergence of new talents in the field of Bengali literature. It may seem unbelievable but the omniscient beautiful story like the non-mechanical book is the author’s first composition. In the ‘non-mechanical’ story, pain seemed to become a thing of the past. The fact that life in this age is inseparably composed of living beings and human beings, seems to be re-revealed in this story.

In the case of short stories, the subtlety of the use of consonantal language without the novelty of the content is like remembering the story, but the first unequivocal proof of the power of Subodh Ghosh was found in the fossil story. For various reasons, this story has gained historical status in modern Bengali fiction.

Author Subodh Ghosh was born in 1910 in Hazaribagh. Their ancestral home was in Bahar village of Bikrampur. In 1940 he moved from Hazaribagh to Calcutta in a thousand homes. He joined Anandabazar as a journalist. At that time, Shri Suresh Chandra Majumder, the chief director and one of the proprietors of Anandabazar, helped him to get involved in journalism.

While in Hazaribagh, he completed his school and college lessons there. He had the opportunity to study freely in his library with the encouragement and support of the famous philosopher and multilingualist Pandit Mahesh Chandra Ghosh. As a result, he soon acquired sufficient knowledge about foreign literature and writers.

One of the short story books written by Subodh Ghosh are Parashuramer Kuthar, Shuklavisar, Gramayamuna and Manikarnika. Among his famous novels are Tilanjali, A Namaskar, Gangotri and Shatvisha. A book on anthropology in India. Wrote a historical reference called The History of the Indian Army and a book on psychology called Sigmund Freud.

The protagonist of his first novel ‘Tilanjali’ dreamed of this Murali composition. He called it the new melody of lyrical India. At the heart of Subodh Ghosh’s own artistic pursuit is the idea of ​​creating this angry continent. The year of India is not new in Bengali literature. But on the other side of the salt crossing, thousands of yojanas away from this country, Lakshmi, the currency of the Dutch country, on the day when she becomes a widow, the gold standard is canceled and the exchange rate changes, overnight. How the grief in the Indian Chamber came to life in the sugarcane fields of any of the 24 Parganas of India under the curse of the Dutch market?

Not only that, Subodh Ghosh, especially beyond the geographical boundaries of Bengal, expanded the field of literature in the heart of Assam, Himachal Pradesh, India. He was the first to take us to the arena of collective happiness and sorrow of the perpetually oppressed people of the native state, the seat of feudal India. The tribe took him to the forest abode of the dishonorable non-human group. Once upon a time there was a darkened abyss of mining India with him, in the hotel of Patalpuri where death can be felt as close as life.

The nature of Subodh Ghosh’s thoughtful artistry and ritualistic creations can be seen in the fact that he has made life indirect, not as an object, but as an idea. It is not his way of making life art by rejecting the material world. His main pursuit was to make him live by composing words with the meditation-feeling of thought light. He could not get rid of the form of his story.

Thought and thought have got an organ in the middle of the form. On the other hand, his writings are classic-epic, epic-religious. It is essential to create a symbol or type character in search of a suitable source of thought and in this way. Naturally, his artistic conviction is greater than his biography. His tendency is to search for unsolved mysteries by strangers. In the case of the story, his greatest joy is with a new country and new people like Columbus.

Readers can collect some other notable works of various writer’s Shreshtha Galpa.

The mind of the reader sometimes becomes angry. Subodh Ghosh seems to be extremely extraordinary. If he had been a little more ordinary, the simple form of our familiar life would have been captured more vividly in his writings. But his imagination calls out to the reader on the way to a distant village. Yet in the magic of creating the environment, he has also exposed the unfamiliar background. He has also made the imaginary imagery lively. And at the root of this success lies his greatest asset – his unique language skills.

Someone like Subodh Ghosh like Pramatha Chowdhury in Bengal can be congratulated as the creator of a new style or prose style. In the sharpness of irony and irony, in the consonance of intelligent concordance, in poetic narration and in the form of profoundly eloquent remarks, he has embellished the art form of his eloquent literature in a fancy beauty. His own place in Bengali fiction has been established by the combination of this outstanding industrialization and balance with the purity of life. His best story book has therefore been highly appreciated by the readers. His writings have revealed the modern twist of Bengali literature.

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Subodh Ghosher Shreshtha Galpa PDF file.

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