Man O Manush Vol-3 by Swami Prajnananda

Man O Manush Vol-3 by Swami Prajnananda PDF.

Book – Man O Manush Vol – 3 (Part-3),
Author – Swami Prajnananda,
Genre – Biography Book,
Book format – PDF,
PDF Size – 7 MB,
Pages – 182,

Man O Manush Vol-3 Swami Prajnananda

Man O Manush (Mind and Man)-Volume 3 is a very valuable book written by Swami Prajnananda

Mind and Man – Volume 3 : Swami Prajnananda-

Introduction: “Mind and Man” – Discourses on Various Subjects, Personality and Philosophy of Swami Avedananda Maharaj.

The second edition of the third volume of “Mind and Man” has been published in a slightly different form. It should be noted that the topics of the book and their discussions and contexts are arranged in the book exactly as it happened, so there is no question of chronological arrangement. E.g. , example-America may have been discussed first and then his approach to Sri Ramakrishna Deva and initiation etc. Again towards the end of his life Ramakrishna Vedanta Math in Calcutta and Ramakrishna Vedanta Ashram in Darjeeling are said to be dedicated to Sri Sri Ramakrishna Deva as deities.

Therefore, even though the appropriate year-dates etc. are mentioned in the conversation of all the contexts, there are some changes and features of the insertion of the flow of events of that country and this country as well as the West and India.

Now the new second edition “Mind and Man” in the third part mentions some new topics and incidents, because Swami Prajnananda has rewritten some new material found in this new edition after searching and collecting the old documents kept by the author. He also modified the language of the first edition.

Who wrote the second edition of the third volume of Mind and Man?

Mind and Man – The title of the book is specific to Swami Avedananda Maharaj’s various sayings and chistadharas and recalls his vast personality as “mind” is prevalent on Swami Avedananda Maharaj’s various sayings and chistadharas, along with his unique sayings and chistadharas. “man” in the sense of his great and extraordinary personality which was formed and shaped in the light of his learning, penance, sadhana and extraordinary wisdom and genius.

Acharyadeva Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, who has extraordinary talent and wisdom, Swami Vivekananda, Swami Sivananda, Swami Saradananda, Swami Ramakrishnananda, Swami Turyananda, etc., his guru brothers and the enlightened Mahasaraswati Rupini, the young heroine SriSreesardadevi, the unfathomable-holy-blessings, vision and support of Karmarajdan Swami. All-round genius controlled and triumphed over life and action at all times.

Who was Swami Vivekananda?

Therefore, in the light of his extraordinary biography and life review, many facts, ideas and unforgettable thoughts about the appearance of Lord Sri Ramakrishna, the legendary hero of the nineteenth-twentieth century, will be revealed, and at the same time, many strange events of Sri Ramakrishna Parishad Swami Avedananda’s own great and varied life will be revealed in his holy light. And the words and stories of his life.

Moreover, it is true that Swami Avedananda Maharaj’s discourses on various topics will solve many life problems of many spiritual pilgrims and will give them punishment and eternal comfort in their practical life.

In this book, the author Swami Prajnananda has revealed many unknown facts about Mind and Man for the readers. This book became especially acceptable to the readers. So the PDF file of the biography book Man O Manush Vol-3 is given on this website page. Readers can easily collect this book PDF file from this page and also read online if you want.

Man O Manush Vol-3 PDF

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