Sri Chaitanya – Ekaler Drishtikon by Kshetra Gupta PDF

Sri Chaitanya – Ekaler Drishtikon by Kshetra Gupta Biography Book PDF.

Book – Sri Chaitanya – Ekaler Drishtikon,
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Sri Chaitanya - Ekaler Drishtikon by Kshetra Gupta

The book ‘Sri Chaitanya – Ekal Drishtikon’ is written by writer Kshetra Gupta.

Chaitanya’s death and worship is a must for devotee Vaishnavas. That religious fervor is likely to become more vivid on the 500th anniversary of Jayasti. There are still people, a very large number, some Vaishnava, some non-Vaishnava, but devout, who believe that remembrance of Chaitanya will liberate the sinful worldlings. In that respect the five hundredth year can be specially exploited. Of course, the author did not sit down to edit this book with any such belief or intention.

Again, he did not expect that he would get a good deal with the publisher this season. Because the small market of dry philosophical essays is unlikely to flourish in five hundred years of Chaitanya’s greatness.

Description about the author:

Author Kshetra Gupta is an eminent researcher writer and critic of Bengali literature. As a scholar of folk culture, he has edited and authored many books on established folk culture and modern literature. He is also established as an expert on Marxist theory and a commentator on literary culture. Most of his works are humorous. He is known as a unique writer in Bengali literature for this comedy.

Writer Kshetra Gupta was the head of the Bengali department of Rabindra Bharati University. He studied modern literature especially Madhusudan Bankim Chandra and Rabindranath Tagore. The number of books written and edited by him is more than 40. He has four books on ancient and medieval Bengali literature. He has published books like ‘Rabindra Tales’, ‘Another Rabindranath’ and ‘Rabindranath: Sociology of Short Stories’.

He also wrote many novels, short stories, plays and travelogues. His book ‘Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata’ has been converted into contemporary Bengali prose and published in three volumes. Moreover, he published a book called ‘Rangapriya Sri Gauranga’. He has written dissertations on Bangadarsan and modern novels. Wrote books on socialism and culture.

The book ‘Sri Chaitanya – Ekal Prastikon’ is compiled with the works of which author and edited by whom?

This biography book ‘Sri Chaitanya – Ekal Prastikon’ is edited by the author Kshetra Gupta. Kumaresh Ghosh is an eminent writer, Rabindra Gupta is a professor at Rabindra Bharati University, Sanath Kumar Mitra is a renowned folklorist and professor at Rabindra Bharati University. Pradeep Kumar Ghosh is a distinguished writer and professor at Rabindra Bharati University.

Bijit Kumar Dutta – He has researched novels and ancient drama and is a professor at Burdwan University. He authored the book ‘Sri Chaitanya Charit’. He played a leading role in modern and ancient literature. He attempted to analyze medieval literature from a scientific socialist point of view.

Pallab Sengupta – He is a professor at Rabindra University. Researcher of folk culture, eminent judge of modern literature. Derozio, studied English poetry in Bengali, etc. Among his published books ‘Sources of Pujaparvan’, ‘Analysis of Folk Traditions from a Marxian Perspective’ are particularly notable.

Debnath Bandyopadhyay is a distinguished professor at Rabindra Bharati University. Has done many researches on medieval literature especially Vaishnava literature. There is an explanation of the literary background in the socialist perspective. Correct editing of his recent books ‘Rajsavar Kabi O Kavya’ and ‘Alaol’s Padmavati’. Moreover, this book has been written by writers Rabiranjan Chattopadhyay, Kalan Bihari Goswami, Rabindranath Bandyopadhyay, prominent writers and researchers.

Chaitanya pantha will show the light to the people of the past?

The author does not have such ahistorical hope that Chaitanya pantha will enlighten the people of the past. Our work is not a hobby of some intellectuals. He himself considered Chaitanya to be the greatest divinity of the Middle Ages, despite all his disbelief and disbelief, and considered the Chaitanya movement to be the most significant thing in Bengal at that time.

It is not possible to use it at all, for some reason. New life doesn’t run along the road – still I want to build up my nation’s hero. Let’s not get caught up in the cycle of popular belief called “Idol of the Marketplace” Bacon. Five hundred years is a long time-span, a golden opportunity to understand what the ancient glory looks like from such a distance.

‘The Human Generosity of Consciousness’ – Analysis:

Devotees can also speak of Chaitanya’s human kindness, kindness to the lower castes, His magnificence – etc. That is the limit of the human-centeredness of the devotees. After that they don’t move normally. We start from there. That is the first step. The author wants to think about the human achievements of this great man, shedding the color of all divinity and miracles. Tried to analyze the social background and the sociology of consciousness.

He thought about the economic basis, class differences. His strengths and limitations, his inner insights and reactions to his personality and the movement centered around him are discussed. The authors explain that there is a socialization of religion, class consciousness is at the root of philosophy.

If Caitanya were only a religious guru, such observations would have been made—albeit of a very simple kind. And we were not enthusiastic about it. The author is interested in the fact that this religious guru shook the entire society and made history.

Who is Chaitanya?

Many of the writers invited by the author have done important works on Chaitanya Dharma philosophy literature. There are many studies about the society and culture of medieval Bengal. Some of the authors are devoted to Vaishnavism, some are not averse to devotionalism in general. Of course, some are Marxists. Their interpretation and analysis naturally differ.

But all of them have shown social consciousness in their essays? He found the historical value of consciousness and consciousness-movement not in sentimentality, but in objectivity and enthusiasm. Here is the core of this collection of essays.

Our Readers Collect the pdf file Biography Book

As an editor, the author does not agree with all statements in all articles. Didn’t even think it was necessary. A contemporary sensibility is variously active in the compositions. Let the flowers of different colors and varieties bloom, let the sense and wisdom of the past stay at the root of the tree. All the issues in publishing the book have been beautifully mentioned by the editor with great diligence. Readers will find this book a unique biographical work.

So the PDF file of the book is provided on this website for the readers, the readers can collect the PDF file of this book from this webpage and read it online.

PDF file of the book Sri Chaitanya – Ekaler Drishtikon.

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