Banglar Chhoto Galpa all Volume edited by Dr.Bijit Ghosh

Banglar Chhoto Galpa all Volume edited by Dr. Bijit Ghosh ebook pdf.

Book – Banglar Chhoto Galpa,
Athors – Various Writers of Bengali


Dr. Bijit Ghosh edited the short stories Banglar Chhoto Galpa all Vol.

Dr. Bijit Ghosh was edited some famous short stories of various writers and poets in his 10 volumes of Banglar Chhoto Galpa.

Beginning of the first volume of the short story book of Bengal, by the story of Dr. William Kieri, who is famous for his short story, of Bangla language, edited by Dr. Bijit Ghosh. Everything has an introduction before the start. Rabindranath’s famous quote ‘roll in the light before lighting the lamp.
Before leaving the lamp of the first successful short story of Bangla literature, many people have been working on the soliloquy. In particular, Rabindranath’s previous writers-writers Bhudeb Mukhopadhyay, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay and his brother Purna Chandra Chattopadhyay and Sanjeeb Chattopadhyay, Trailokyanath Mukherjee, Bipin Chandra Pal and essentially Swarnakumari Devi also tried to write short stories. Although these efforts are not artistic in the short story, the creation of stories must be remembered.
The first story written by Rabindranath Tagore was neither Bhikharini nor the three stories written by Ghater katha, Baj Pather Katha and Mukut could not reach the true potential of the short stories, but the fifth story of Rabindranath was not only his first successful short story, but also the history of Bengali short stories In the series, the first successful short story Dena Pouyana (pay the debt). That is why, due to the many other stories of Rabindranath Tagore Dena (Debt) despite the existence of Stree-Putra (‘wife-son), post master, yagyeshwarer Yagya, Hoimonti, Tota kahini, Atithi (guest), Sampotti Samarpon (property surrender), Sashti (punishment) etc. Dena Paona (Payable) ‘in this book, it is for historical reasons.

Readers can get the Banglar Chhoto Galpa all Volume was edited by Dr. Bijit Ghosh as pdf from this page below.

Banglar Chhoto Galpa Vol- 1
Banglar Chhoto Galpa Vol- 2
Banglar Chhoto Galpa Vol- 3
Banglar Chhoto Galpa Vol- 4
Banglar Chhoto Galpa Vol- 5
Banglar Chhoto Galpa Vol- 6
Banglar Chhoto Galpa Vol- 7
Banglar Chhoto Galpa Vol- 8
Banglar Chhoto Galpa Vol- 9
Banglar Chhoto Galpa Vol- 10

Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay‘s Radharani, Trailokyanath birabala Amritalal Basu’s matribhakti nuns story from Her four major stories such as Kumar, Amar Jiban, (My Life), Pene Priti, Lajjyaboti, Mimosa and Jaladhar Sen’s grihiniyoga and Kedar Nath Banerjee’s madhurena, Nitai Lahiri, pramatha Chowdhury’s, Ram and Shyam, dinendra Kumar Roy story Embarrassment’ god, mass, widows, tea Kur brother
Abanindranath Tagore’s Chaitanya Chutki, fast-to-Last, Prabhat Kumar Mukherjee’s kasibasini, Balaman Jmata Adarini, Debi, sandy theft, Nightlife, watch stolen, and Charu chandra Bandyopadhyay, sick, accepted answer, marana embrace, Churioyala, Indira Devi’s Puraskar ( Award) and Sarat chandra Chattopadhyay’s Ekadashi Boiragi,abhagira Swarga, etc. when the stories unforgettable.

In addition to the Kachi Samsad, the unique creation of Parshuram was Birinichibaba, Mekhla, Rama-Rajya, Shri Shree Siddheswari Limited. The book has been shortlisted for 39 different authors. In the 10 volumes of Dr. Bijit Ghosh, there are about 400 stories. I believe that this large number of small stories will be acceptable to the readers, the readers will be welcome.

All Famous Short Stories Collection Various Bengali Writer as PDF from this page link

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