Amader Sarat Chandra by Rabidas Saharay

Amader Sarat Chandra by Rabidas Saharay PDF.

Name of Book – Amader Sarat Chandra,
Author – Rabidas Saharay,
Genre – Bengali Novel,
Book format – PDF,
PDF Size – 6 MB,
Pages – 200,
Language – Bengali (Bangla),

Amader Sarat Chandra by Rabidas Saharay

Author Rabidas Saharay wrote the Bengali novel Amader Sarat Chandra.

Amader Sarat Chandra – Rabidas Saharay:

The life of poet Sarat Chandra is a great novel. Such diversity is seen in the life of very few writers in the world. Sarat Chandra himself said – “Everything I have to say is in my book.” You will not find so much autobiography and experience in anyone else’s writing. If no one can extract from my book the new story of my life, he cannot write the story of my life.

Rabindranath Tagore also said about Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay – “The astrologer dives into the infinite sky and finds out many worlds, many rays formed in cooperation, rotating in various orbits with various velocities. Sarat Chandra’s gaze plunged into the mystery of Bengali hearts. He introduced Bengali in such a way that he got to know you directly about the strange creations of happiness and sorrow, union and separation.

We also wonder if Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay was born on the soil of our country who painted the picture of our society in such a wonderful way with deep compassion, he is our glory, the result of our many meritorious people Without Him, we would not understand what we have gained and what we have lost. We are blessed to pay our heartfelt tributes on the eve of the birth-centenary of this mysterious lyricist.

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Regarding Sarat Chandra – Rabindranath Tagore:-

Sita’s exile in normal school ended. I have also given his examination on the grammar of Samasdarpana and Loharam. I will pass by but I didn’t get enough. Those who got it are enjoying pension today after crossing Saudagri Anpis.

At that time Bangadarsan magazine was published. It featured articles on a variety of topics – thoughtful readers of the time hopefully understood its status. It is not that there were more of them then than now, but the difference is that the reader then was not so indulgent as now. At that time there was only one monthly magazine. So the general reader’s supply of mouth-watering material was not limitless. So the mind of reading has not become too luxurious. Almost nothing could be thrown away that could be laid out in front. Readers did not have the strength of their own form then.

Who wrote the bengali novel Amader Sarat Chandra?

But this satisfaction of Rasa is said to be more because of the rarity of Rasa. The main reason why the readers thronged the premises of Bangadarsan in such large numbers was because of his appeal to them in his language. The first appearance of the modern Bengali language and its movement. Before this, the language of Bengali mind had no place in literature. In other words, from the point of view of language, literature was the meeting place of Bhashur, Bhadra Bau pulled the veil to keep him away, his place was in Andaramahal. Just as women’s freedom in Bangladesh is coming out little by little from the encircled Dhaka Palki, so is the freedom of language. The siege was first raised in Bangavarshan. Literary wise scholars of that time were trying to push that misadventure as Gurchandali. But the first glimpse of the Bengali language through the gap in the door of the palanquin, the Bengali reader forgot in a moment, no matter how much he felt disgusted by it. Since then, the door has remained open.

Which of Saratchandra’s books became particularly popular among readers in the early 20th century?

Let’s talk about essays. The thing that moved everyone’s minds in Bangdarshan that day in Bangladesh was the Bishvriksha novel. Before that, Churgeshanandini Mrinalini, Kapalkundala were written from Bankimchandra’s writings. But they were kachini. What is called romance in English. Their role is far from our daily life. That is the distance. Their main ingredient. Just as the forest mountain in the blue of the distant horizon gives a sublime beauty of indistinctness. The main quality of the picture in that scene is the smoothness of its lines, not another identity, but only its whole rhythmic posture. Durgesandini, Mrinalini Kapalkundala has that form of kuhak. If it is colored Even though it is composed in Kuhelika, it has juice.

But pictures of rivers, villages, deserts and colorful sunset clouds are not the same thing. None of them can be excluded from Sundaralok, but we have to say that we are more than satisfied with the appearance of that town. In the novel, it is good if there is harmony between the story and the words – if there is, then due to the lack of substance, only the foam is left in the mouth, its exhilaration can be seen but it cannot be enjoyed.

Why Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay most popular poet in India?

After the poison tree, a long time passed in the Krishnakanter Will. Let’s see again: Another era has come in fiction. That is, another screen came up. Just as Rabaht’s group had thronged the literary premises on that day, it is still the same today. Such enthusiasm, such joy, such crowd. This time the inviter is Sarat Chandra. The juice he has concentrated in his stories is the juice of fame. His creations are much closer to the reader. He himself saw it in detail and clarified it, showed it clearly. Modern writers had easy access to the enlightened vision of the Bengali world that he raised the curtain of the stage. They are moving. One day they may forget that and not want to acknowledge Him.

But hopefully readers won’t forget. If they forget, it will be their ungratefulness. Even if it happens, it does not matter, it is enough that the work is completed. Gratitude is only due; It is better not to complain. Complaints do not have much time either, because at last whoever’s turn it is that if he protects the documents he passes the proprietor across the river.

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