Chandidaser Padabali Edited by Nilratan Mukhopadhyay PDF

Chandidaser Padabali Edited by Nilratan Mukhopadhyay PDF.

Book Name – Chandidaser Padabali,
Author – Chandidas,
Edited by Nilratan Mukhopadhyay,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 13 MB,
Book Pages – 414,

Chandidaser Padabali Edited by Nilratan Mukhopadhyay PDF.

The book Chandidaser Padabali (চণ্ডীদাসের পদাবলী) has been edited by author Nilratan Mukherjee. The author’s home is in Kirnahar, Birbhum. There is the tomb of Chandidas, not far from the residence of Chandidas at Nannur. The author became the headmaster of Kirnahar High School in 1896. As his interest in Chandidas grew, he devoted a lot of time to collecting books written by Chandidas to get acquainted with his personal life and ideals and to write a book about him.
He was in constant touch with various places to collect books written by Chandidas and sometimes appeared in person. Thus he began to try to collect his words. Bishalakshi Pujak’s son asked his student Mrityunjaya Bhattacharya if there was any book of Chandidas in their house. Mrityunjaya went home and searched and brought him a book by Chandidas. The verses in this book are completely new. Never published before. The author published those verses in the magazine ‘Sahitya Parishad’. Excited, he thought and began to search again with great enthusiasm.

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At that time the monthly magazine ‘Birbhumi Nari’ was published on the initiative and at full expense of Mr. Sauresh Chandra Sarkar Mahasaya, a well-known zealous zamindar of Kirnahar and the responsibility of editing was entrusted to the author. Enthusiasm doubled. He started publishing the first issue in the monthly Birbhumi Nari and collected the unpublished verses of Chandidas and published them in this monthly.

At this time, the late Indranath Bandyopadhyay came to Kirnahar and when he returned after visiting the tomb of Chandidas, he thought of various things, maybe he wrote poetry, etc., etc. Later, Saurish Chandra Sarkar, zamindar of Kirnahar, received a book written by Chandidas from an employee of Mahasaya. Chandidas has more than 600 posts, of which 500 are new.

In this way, the author collected various rare documents of Chandidas and published his book which caused a stir in the literary world. Readers’ interest in learning about Chandidas in a new way is very much in the minds of the readers.

So the PDF file of that book is given to us on this page. Readers can easily collect the book in PDF file and read it online.

Chandidaser Padabali PDF.

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