Bhuture Kanda by Rabidas Saharay PDF

Bhuture Kanda Bangla Bhuter Galpo by Rabidas Saharay PDF.

The name of the book – ‘Bhuture Kanda Bangla Bhooter Galpa’,
Author – Rabidas Sahara,
Book Format – PDF,
Size of the book – 4 MB,
Number of Pages – 79,
Book Category – Ghost Story (Horror),

Bhuture Kanda Bangla Bhuter Galpo by Rabidas Saharay

Rabi Das Saha Roy wrote the book ‘Bhutude Kanda Bangla Bhute Ghabi’.

Bhuture Kanda – Bangla Bhooter Galpo is a horror story book written by writer Rabidas Saharay. Each story in this book has been written in such a way as to touch the hearts of the readers. Once readers start reading, they can’t stop if they don’t finish. Another famous adventure story book written by the author is ‘The Prisoner of Death Cave’.

Who wrote the ‘Bhuture Kanda’ ghost story?

Readers can collect and read this book from this web page if they wish. Moreover, writer Rabidas Sahara has edited many books written by many famous writers of the world.

Viewers can collect some ghost novel and stories here below.

The ghost stories given in this book are as follows:-

  • Marar Matha Kotha bole (Dead’s Head Talks),
    Bhoot Taranor Ojha (The Burden of Exorcism),
    Raat Takhon Barota (It’s twelve o’clock at night),
    Tritiya Soual (Third Question),
    Saheb Bhooter Galpa(Saheb Ghost Story),
    Rel Lainer Bhoot (Ghost of the Rail Line).

The pdf file of this outstanding ghost story book is provided on this web page for the readers. Readers can download the PDF file of the book from this webpage and read it online.

Bhuture Kanda Bangla Bhooter Galpo PDF File

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