Dola Novel by Dilip Kumar Ray PDF

Dola Bengali Romantic Novel by Dilip Kumar Ray.

Book – Dola (Romantic Novel),
Author – Dilip Kumar Ray,
Genre – Bengali Romantic Novel,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 15 MB,
Book Pages – 652,

Dola Bengali Novel by Dilip Kumar Ray

Dilip Kumar Ray wrote the Romantic novel Dola.

The Romantic novel Dola was written by writer Dilip Kumar Ray. In the novel Dola, the author himself is hidden in the dream and expresses the idea of many readers. But the author clearly mentions that. Swapan is a significant character in the novel Dola. Around that dream, various comments peeked in the readership. Many consider Swapan to be writer Dilip Kumar Ray.

However, many of the thoughts, actions, hopes and dreams of that dream are his own, not that this of the writer Dilip Kumar. The characters in dreams are often completely fictional. In the novel Dola, Swapan is similar to writer Dilip Kumar in one place. Both are truth seekers and foreign connoisseurs.

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Who wrote the Romantic novel Dola?

The author returned from America in 1953 and gave the novel Dola to his friend Gopal Das Majumdar for publication. The author was traveling abroad at this time, so it was not possible for him to proofread the entire Dola novel. As a result, two deviations or spelling mistake are seen in some parts. Dola proofread and revised the novel towards the end when the author settled in Pune, so that the mistakes at the end are almost non-existent.

The first-line or famous writers of Bengali literature have been presenting Bengali literature to the reading society for a long time. Promoted Bengali language. He improved the quality of Bengali literature. The novel Dola is one such work which depicts the various aspects of the society of that time – happiness and sorrow, joy and sorrow, standard of living, family life, love, everything is beautifully described.

Therefore, we believe that the book will be accepted as a unique book by the reader and will be welcomed. Analysis of Swapan’s character in the anxiety section of this novel. What does Swapan want to do? The author highlighted that.

Days that do not go, what to do? – Thinking this, Swapan spent two days in silence, that is in a hotel in Switzerland. He visited there once. This hotel was a little different from the other big hotels there, what is here is not seen in many big hotels.

This time he says something to his friend Mr. Sen, who I really feel sorry for, – you know? Those who think vulgarity is vulgarity. This novel contains many stories that will leave the readers enthralled. Once the readers start reading the novel, they will not be able to leave it without finishing it. Romantic Novel, Sexy Novel, Adult novel, Youngsters Novel, Lovers Novel, Full Romance collect here as a pdf file.

The pdf file of Dola novel is given on this web page for the readers. Readers can collect the PDF file of the book from this webpage and can pass it online.

Dola novel book pdf file.

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