Malatidir Galpo Novel by Pratibha Basu

Author Pratibha Basu has written the Novel Malatidir Galpo.

Book – Malatidir Galpo,
Author – Pratibha Basu,
Book Format – PDF,
Book Category – Novel,
Language – Bengali,
Book Pages – 132,
Book Size – 3 MB,

A unique Author Pratibha Basu has written the Novel book Malatidir Galpo.

Pratibha Basu is one of the prominent writers of Bengali literature. He is known as one of the brilliant astrologers of Bengali literature. In this book, she has beautifully blossomed in the context of narrating the real story of a woman’s life by creating a marble image of the vibrant and emotional environment of colorful life.

This short novel book is based on an extreme truth of various events in human life. This wonderful story book will help every young boys  and girls to be tolerant and build a simple, fresh and healthy life without being overwhelmed by love. Adolescents who have just gone through adolescence are so overwhelmed by love and emotion that they no longer have time to think or think about themselves.

Some notable works of talented Bengali writer Pratibha Basu

Writer Pratibha Basu has beautifully portrayed such a forgotten young woman in this book. There is no doubt that the word youth will be especially acceptable to readers.

Pratibha Basu is known as an exceptionally talented writer in Bengali literature. She is well known as a unique writer in the light of Bengali literature. Many of his novels have been illustrated and are still among the readers of India, GB, USA, Bangladesh, Nepal, France as a unique example in the world of Bengali literature. There is a lot of excitement among Bengali readers to read her romantic stories and novels. Readers still look for books written by her in bookstores to read her books.

Writer Pratibha Basu has written the novel as type of love story. Of course readers will love it. So on this page the link to the PDF file of the Malati Di’s story book (Malatidir Galpo) is given.

Readers can easily collect the PDF file of the free book and read it online.

Malatidir Galpo PDF

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